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Your Car Heater in Tip-Top Shape this Winter with Mission Car Care

The nip and chill fills the air and out come the coats and sweaters. Steaming cups of coffee and creamy hot chocolate are all part of the effort to keep us warm and toasty. Similarly, the car heater is the first thing to switch on to be able to enjoy our commute in the winter months.

But what if you find out the car heater is not warming up the car just as it should. Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is the one-stop solution to all your automotive service and repair needs. Just drive into Mission Car Care on Franz Road, Katy, Texas and leave it our ASE certified team of mechanics to check out your car heater system and give it a complete service.

A heater works when the coolant circulating through the engine absorbs engine heat and exchanges it with the outside air with the help of a radiator. A heater core uses the same hot coolant to keep the car warm and comfortable.

In case of a car heater over or under heating, the mechanics at Mission Car Care will check the thermostat-- a thermal value to regulate the flow of the coolant-- for wear and tear.

The other inspection that the experts at Mission Car Care will carry out is for any hindrance in the flow of coolant in the heater core as a result of accumulated sediment. This issue is tackled by a flush carried out by disconnecting the heater hoses and using compressed air to push the coolant and the grime back. This messy and tedious job will be handled adroitly by the team at Mission Car Care.

Our professional technicians will inspect the heater system for blockages and broken parts. They will check the blower circuit and motor with the resistors, fuse, switches and wire connections. A thorough examination of the heater core will be carried out to see if it needs to be replaced.

From heater core and fan motor repair and replacement to heater value and thermostat issues—Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will handle it all to save you precious time and money and make sure that you enjoy the winter months in the cozy warmth of your car.

Mission Car Care-An Official State Emission Inspection Station

Emission Inspection in United States is governed by each state individually and is a procedure required in Texas annually. This inspection is a procedure authorized by governments in many countries to ensure that the vehicle conforms to regulations governing safety, emissions, or both.

Don’t put off your state emission inspection because it is vital to check whether you automobile is not emitting more smog than is acceptable. Emission contaminates the air with carbon monoxide due to which 18 million adults and 7 million children in the USA are suffering from asthma. The hydro carbons and nitrous oxides in emissions eat away at the ozone layer, make us even more vulnerable to skin cancer and cataracts and plague the earth with acid rain.

In Texas, State Emission Inspection is carried out by privately owned garages with approval from the state DOT like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas. Mission Car Care inspects all year model cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs. Equipped with state-of-the-art OBD inspection machines and dynamometer allowing ASM emission testing as required by state law, Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is authorized to brand you vehicle’s windshield with an inspection decal or inspection sticker when it passes inspection displaying the month's number and the year.

If a vehicle exceeds the permissible emissions standards for the year it was manufactured, Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will repair and retest it within 60 calendar days from the date of the state emission test.

So be responsible for your car, your neighbors and your environment and drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas for your vehicle’s annual State Emission Inspection.

Radiator Service this Winter with Mission Car Care

Car systems are susceptible to changes in weather and the ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will give your car the complete winter protection by firstly tackling the vehicle's cooling system with a quality radiator service.

Even though Katy, Texas does not see extreme cold weather and winters are mild and temperate, yet one must gear their automobiles for a change in season. The transition into another season is an ideal time to come to Mission Car Care for a bi-yearly or tri-yearly preventive maintenance run.

Over time, contaminants infest your car’s cooling system and the antifreeze fluid which goes into the radiator can become acidic and lose its potency.

The mechanics at Mission Car Care will examine if the radiator needs to be drained and refilled with new coolant and water and top the radiator with the correct mix. This will be done by expertly flushing the fresh mixture to further remove the contaminants which are proving to be a hurdle for the flow of coolant.

Our technicians will check if the radiator cap and water outlet cap are cracked or damaged and replace them. This will be followed by an inspection of the hoses and tubes leading from the radiator to the water pump, thermostat and reserve tank to check for a leak of the antifreeze.

The winter service at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas includes an inspection of tires for tread depth and tire pressure. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board at least 2/32" of tread depth is deemed safe.

From details like checking your wipers to your windshield washer fluidMission Car Care will take care of it all. This time of the year is also great to get your annual car maintenance done which you might have been putting off. This includes an inspection of your battery, spark plug wires, brakes, engine oil and the essential oil change.

Simply drive into Mission Car Care on 22002 Franz Road, Katy, Texas or call us on 281-579-8526 to make an appointment for your radiator service and annual maintenance this winter.
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