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Dependable Air Conditioning for your Car with Mission Car Care

A car ride can be unbearable when the sun’s heat makes one sweat and swelter. May it be running errands or getting stuck in a traffic jam—if a car’s air conditioning doesn’t work properly it can make life simply wretched and make the passengers in the car edgy, irritated, hot and flustered. Imagine making it to a meeting or lunch with old friends looking disheveled and grouchy all because your car air conditioning failed to work properly.

Air conditioning is not a feature which only luxury vehicles boast of today, infact even the most basic cars now come equipped with air conditioning, as a stand-alone feature or as part of a climate control system.

Not only essential to battle the heat, but an air conditioner can dehumidify the car and clear misted windows rapidly, making it a safety measure too.

Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas not only installs air conditioning in your car to make your car ride enjoyable and easy but also offers superior service of air conditioning units.

The most basic problem one faces with car air conditioning is that no or little cold air is felt which means that there is a leak somewhere in the system. Another problem is when the blast of cold air is too severe which may be due to a blockage somewhere in the system that is forcing more air than normal out of all vents upstream from the blockage.

Even though these problems might not be major, they need to be shown to a quality automotive service and repair company like Mission Car Care, Katy, so that the issue doesn’t burgeon into a bigger problem which will surely lead to more expense.

At Mission Car Care, these basic problems are tackled effortlessly, as our technicians have a superb understanding of the of six major interconnected components which make up the air conditioning system of a car including the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve, and the refrigerant. The complexity of the system is all the more reason that initial signs of trouble with the air conditioning are tackled as soon as possible to prevent further degeneration.

Getting your car air conditioning serviced regularly will ensure that your vehicle’s AC system continues to remain safe, efficient and dependable. A smoothly-running air conditioning system is not only a comfort feature but increases your car’s resale value.

Let professionals like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, handle the minor and major problems of your car and rest assured that you have opted for the right choice for the care of your prized vehicle.

Servicing your Car with Mission Car Care!

Precaution is better than cure—every sensible person knows that. This is exactly why we have a regular dental check-up—to find potential problems before they become too complicated!

Giving your car the care and attention of servicing means spending a small amount of time and money on it but by doing so you are saving up on major repairs over the life of the car; there is simply less inconvenience and unforeseen expense, greater fuel economy, a greener environment and better part-exchange value when you come to sell your car.

However, whom you go to for servicing your car is just as crucial a decision as which doctor you decide to consult for an ailment. Surely you will opt for the best and most experienced and that is exactly why Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas should be the one-stop solution to all your car servicing needs.

Advanced and sophisticated vehicles now call for expert technicians to service your car, and Mission Car Care’s team of skilled mechanics know that there is much more to servicing a modern car than simply giving it a "grease and oil change”.

Car servicing at Mission Car Care involves up to 50 or more component and system checks and adjustments to maintain the engine in peak economy, performance and emissions condition.

A full service at Mission Car Care will include fluid level checks--hydraulic fluid is hydroscopic and thus needs to be changed at regular intervals as water in hydraulic fluid can corrode the system internally.

Our technicians will hone onto any potential cooling system problems including leaks from the radiator, cap, water pump, cylinder head or gasket and hoses. Your car will be treated to a check of the condition of the brake pads, battery, steering alignment, tyre tread depth, suspension condition, oil leaks, exhaust leaks or corrosion, and even the car door locks.

Once you drive your car into Mission Car Care, we maintain a complete service history. Our team of technicians will speak to clients after the car is assessed and before the service is carried out, and discuss things openly. You can rest assured that your car will be as good as new once it has been treated to the A-Grade service at Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas.

Your Car makes your Life Go Round

A car is what makes you and moves you! It helps you reach places on time; achieve targets; accomplish tasks; handle emergencies. It is your partner whether it means reaching your workplace on time, driving your kids to school, going to the movies or rushing to the doctor’s. It makes you mobile and efficient, independent and in control!

Quality Automotive services katy, texas

Learning to drive is the major break from the stifling restrictions of the family and the first step to adulthood. Personal cars have become the norm; the freedom of the car has become a necessity. From mundane acts to essential tasks—all have become impossible without access to a car. The car has long since become less of a mere means of transport and more a means of identity.

However, when your car gives you trouble, it leaves you feeling frustrated and handicapped. Life comes to a standstill. The chores we conducted so effortlessly now loom before us.

But worry not! Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas is a one-stop, comprehensive, allencompassing and affordable solution for all your car concerns.

Our name speaks for itself! Once you bring your car to Mission Car Care, your car becomes our concern. Our mission is to take utmost care of your vehicle may it be an SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, Convertible, Mini-van or Wagon. Our certified and professional technicians will meticulously diagnose your car problem after a thorough inspection of your vehicle and even recommend required maintenance. Our purpose is clear--to treat your car to honest and dependable automotive repairs and quality customer service available in Katy, Texas.

Armed with an honest and professional vision, skilled manpower, and a dedicated decade of experience, Mission Car Care treats each car an individual entity. May it be Engine Diagnostics, Brake Service, Air Conditioning and Heating, Tune-ups, Preventive Maintenance, Transmissions or Electrical Systems Repairs—our certified professional technicians will do it all, in time and within your budget.

Mission Car Care knows just what your car means to you. It is your life-line which makes all the elements in your life reachable. Log onto missioncarcarkaty to view our complete range of services.
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