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Mission Car Care Knows How Crucial Brake Fluid is!

Only an experienced and certified mechanic knows the critical role the brake fluid plays in an automobile. That is the reason why the ASE certified team of mechanics and technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx recommend a periodic brake fluid flush to help prevent costly brake system repairs, making it a wise long-term vehicle maintenance step.

It is the job of the brake fluid to move components in your vehicle's braking system by work perfectly under high pressures and temperatures. Brake fluid travels through the braking system and is responsible for transferring the force you apply on the foot pedal to the hub of the wheel. Needless to stay, without it your brakes would cease to work!
Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid, easily absorbing and retaining moisture. This is the brake fluids job- by absorbing the moisture that gets into the system and retaining it, it combats moisture related corrosion and failure of internal brake system components.

But even the most superior quality brake fluid has the capacity of retaining a particular amount of moisture and that is why the experts at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx know exactly when the brake fluid needs to be replaced by noting the color of the fluid in your car’s brake fluid reservoir.

Fresh brake fluid is clear and had a slight yellow tinge; this fluid requires changing when it turns amber, brown or black. A car usually needs its brake fluid changed every two years especially in case of modern vehicles whose antilock brake and traction-control equipment is more sensitive to moisture and debris and generates heat which breaks down the brake fluid even faster.

For the long life of your vehicle and for avoiding costly brake system repairs, drive into Mission CarCare, Katy, Tx for a worthwhile brake fluid flush every two years.
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