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Keep your Car Shiny with a Professional Wax Job

A wax job not just keeps the car gleaming like new but acts as a shield for your car paint against various contaminants present in the environment and repels water. Waxing your car also removes minor paint imperfections making it appear unscathed.

You can drive your car into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx once in three months to get a quick and professionalwax job by our efficient team which should keep your car gleaming and protected for a good 2 - 4 months.

These are a few techniques our experts use to wax the cars at Mission Car Care. 

Car lovers spend Sunday mornings lovingly waxing their car but there is a right and easy way to do it so that your car looks as good as it has the potential to.

The first thing to keep in mind is to be sure your car is very clean and your paint surfaces are smooth and clean if you don’t want grooves in your paint job! Secondly, don’t wax in the sun as the sun’s heat will quickly harden the wax on your car and damage your finish. Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx recommends that you don’t wax in extreme weather conditions and wax in a garage or in the shade.

The type of wax you use also matters-if you’re using paste wax just put a small amount on a clean damp sponge. In case of liquid wax, don’t ever squirt it directly onto your paint! Liquid wax should be applied a small quantity in a straight line directly to the section of the car body. Apply liquid wax with a microfiber cloth or the applicator pad of the wax so that you won’t scratch the clear coat on the car like when using cotton. 
It’s never a good idea to wax the entire car in one go. Ideally, one should tackle one section at a time.

For buffing use another clean cloth and rub in circular motion. For a car show kind of glossy look, wax first with a synthetic and buff it up, followed by another layer of carnauba wax.

Mission Car Care remains your automobile service and repair partner for all your car needs. 
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