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Make Sure you Don’t get a Dead Battery this Winter

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in your car in the winter months just to realize that your car refuses to start because of a dead battery. And you keep wondering whether it was your fault that the battery conked out again or if the weather is to blame?

A dead battery may be because you might have left your headlights open or left your keys in the ignition. A dirty battery can also really affect how much starting power your battery can transfer to your starter.

Also a stuck relay may be the cause of your sporadic battery problems. Your car's electrical system relies on a network of relays that open and close and control the flow of electricity through the vehicle. Relays may go bad over time resulting in getting stuck at an ON or OFF. If kept on ON, the air pump or fuel pump or something else can remain ON and suck the life out of the battery.

Look out for signs of a failing battery like your headlights looking dim at idle and then brightening when you rev the engine or your starter turning slowly barely starting the car. In such cases, come into Mission Car Care for a complete battery service.

The ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care will clean the corrosion on your battery terminals and check your battery whenever you drive into Mission Car Care in Katy, Tx for regular maintenance. Our professional team tests the battery to make sure it's putting out enough amperage so that your vehicle purrs to life on the coldest mornings. We also clean the cables, check the level of electrolyte along with inspecting the condition and charge of the battery.

The environment-friendly philosophy at Mission Car Care makes it dedicated to recycling these rechargeable batteries, helping to combat the problem of battery disposal. For an expert look at your car, to avoid unforeseen battery problems, simply drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx and let our professional team do the rest.

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