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We Watch your Tires at Mission Car Care

Tires are a car’s feet! Keeping them in good shape is essential to the smooth running of your automobile. The ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care will conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s tires whenever you drive into Mission Car Care, Franz Road, Katy, Tx for any automobile service or repair.

Our mechanics professionally measure tire tread with a gauge to see that the tread on your tires never falls below 1/16 of an inch (1.6 millimeters) in depth. Mission Car Care recommends tires with barely visible, tread wear indicator bars built into the tires which gradually begin to appear as the tread wears down. Our mechanics will carry out a visual check of your tire sidewalls for tracks or cuts which could be a sign of developing a leak.

You might see it as a bulge or blister that extends outward from the rest of the surface of the tire but the expert technicians at Mission Car Care will pay heed to details like bulges or blisters because they can result in life-threatening tire blow-outs on the road.

Our team is here to listen to any complaints of strange vibrations from your tires and check whether your tires are misaligned or unbalanced or if there is a more complex underlying problem.

From tires to oil change, from engines to transmissions and much more-- Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx remains your trusted and professional automobile service and repair provider.

An Environment-friendly Car with Mission Car Care

Mission Car Care believes in a cleaner, greener world and has always played its role in protecting the environment by offering preventive maintenance service to give each one of its clients a ‘greener’ car.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx helps you improve gas mileage by helping you save money at the fuel station. Our ASE certified technical team helps you do so by keeping your car properly tuned for optimum performance. Regular tune-ups can improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent. Maintenance and having cleanair filters will help your car pollute less and burn less gas. An air filter that has accumulated dirt, dust and bugs chokes off the air and causes too much gas being burned for the amount of air. This wastes gas and causes the engine to lose power. Changing the car’s air filter can improve efficiency by 10 percent.
Our expert team also checks and replaces spark plugs as dirty spark plugs can cause misfiring and waste precious fuel. This is accompanied with checking your vehicle’s gas cap as loose, damaged or missing gas caps means gas is evaporating and depleting the ozone.
Mission Car Care makes sure that your car’s cooling system is in prime condition as a thermostat that causes the engine to run cold will lessen the fuel efficiency of a car. We also recommend improved radiator caps allowing the cooling system to operate at a higher temperature before boiling over which increases the system’s efficiency and reduces emissions.
Mission Car Care is anofficial State Emissions Inspection Station and is vigilant about keeping your car’s emission system up to date. A maintained emission system keeps the engine running smoothly and efficiently in all conditions which can save money and protect the environment.
Conducting a tire check is a norm for the Mission Car Care team because tires that are not properly inflated add rolling resistance, causing the engine to exert more pressure to make the vehicle move. We replace your car’s fuel filter every 24,000 miles and have fuel injectors flushed every 30,000 miles.

When customers drive into Mission Car Care in the Katy, Tx area, our mechanics always remind you to drive smart and avoid sudden jumps and starts and adhere to speed limits. Rash driving decreases your miles per gallon (MPG) and increases wear and tear of your automobile. We also support car pools and combining errands in one trip to save fuel.
It is also wise to get excessive junk out of the trunk of the car except emergency items such as a spare tire, flares and a first-aid kit. Excessive load weighs the vehicle down and ultimately results in more gas usage.
If you, too, wish to play an active role in nurturing a cleaner, greener environment and making your car ‘green’, opt for Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx as your quality automotive service and repair center.

Preparing your Car for Sale with Mission Car Care

If you wish to sell your car the first thing to do is make it utterly presentable like sprucing up to make an impression on a first date. Drive it into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas and let the professional team of ASE certified mechanics do this job for you and ensure that your automobile gets the best price.

Its smarter to get all the repair done even if you are handing it over to a dealer to sell as a dealership will have to do a lot more work to a car before reselling it and the dealer will deduct the cost of any repairs that will have to be made from the amount they will pay for your car.

The first and foremost thing we will do as part of our service maintenance at Mission Car Care is fix the obvious damage like replacing broken lights, cracked windshields or fixing dents on the body. Small dents can be fixed with our special tools to massage the dented metal back to its original position without painting the vehicle. This saves time and cost.

This will be accompanied by conducting a scan for engine codes, brakes, inspection of belts, hoses, fluids and suspension. Finally, Mission Car Care will check safety items like lights, horn and the front end and the tires for tread life.

It is imperative that your shiny, clean car makes a good impression and its appearance doesn’t devalue your car in the eyes of potential new owners. Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will give it a thorough cleaning inside-out, including giving the upholstery a meticulous vacuum job and the exterior the slickest wax job and a trim to the dressing.

Mission Car Care will remind you to have all records complete and neatly arranged for your prospective buyer to convey to him that the car has been well cared for. The car should have the owner's manual and the registration. Mission Car Care will furnish you the service records we maintain diligently if you have been bringing your car to us regularly.

Our automobile experts also advise you to be honest with prospective buyers about the condition and history of your car. Once your car is sold the bill of sale should mention that the car is sold ‘as is’ to help record the date of sale and prevent any liability.

Mission Car Care experts also suggest that payment for your car sale be made by cashier's check or money order for a smooth transaction.

A wise buyer always wants to get a car checked by a reputed mechanic. When you have already had the car inspected by a reputed and quality automotive service and repair center like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, and disclose the findings, this will help you win the trust of the buyer, making the sale comfortable and amiable.

Also, if a buyer insists on taking the car to another mechanic and gives you a list of recommended repairs, the service and inspection carried out by Mission Car Care will help you negotiate.

Prep your car for the best sale with Mission Car Care and drive away with a car that looks good, drives great and smells splendid!

Make you Car Winter-Friendly at Mission Car Care

You are learning to like the chill in the air and have adapted comfortably to your routine in the cold weather as the city gets decked up in holly and mistletoe. Just make sure your car and its maintenance is not ignored as you go about your Christmas preparations as winter is a time when car dormant problems tend to rear their head and magnify.

Simply take out a couple of hours and drive into Mission Car Care at Franz Road, Katy, Texas and let our ASE Certified team of technicians give your car a thorough once-over so that its remains winter friendly in these cooler months. This will be a wise investment which is sure to give you peace of mind throughout this celebratory Christmas Season as you run around to get your Christmas shopping done.

As dropping temperatures take a toll on batteries, especially if your automobile is parked outdoors, the mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy will first and foremost inspect the battery and charging system so that they continue to give A-1 performance.

A deft procedure of cleaning, flushing and putting fresh coolant or anti-freeze is done followed by a check of the heaters and defrosters to ensure that your car is warm and toasty during this season. After an oil change, we will also inspect your brakes, lights as well as fuel, air and transmission filters.

Even though there might be no snow in Katy, Texas so there is no need for special grip tires but despite that, tire tread depth and pressure is checked when you drop in for your annual winter maintenance and it is advised that you also check the tire pressure regularly in the cooler months. This is because tires lose a pound of pressure for every drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our mechanics will also check your wiper blades and recommend newer "beam blade" style wipers which don't have an external spring to freeze up and prove to be ideal for the winter months.

The automobile repair experts at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas recommend that it is always sensible to have an emergency survival kit stowed away in your car trunk during the winter months including, atleast, a blanket, lighter and torch.

Drive away with a winter-friendly car at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas and enjoy the season to be merry.

Your Car Heater in Tip-Top Shape this Winter with Mission Car Care

The nip and chill fills the air and out come the coats and sweaters. Steaming cups of coffee and creamy hot chocolate are all part of the effort to keep us warm and toasty. Similarly, the car heater is the first thing to switch on to be able to enjoy our commute in the winter months.

But what if you find out the car heater is not warming up the car just as it should. Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is the one-stop solution to all your automotive service and repair needs. Just drive into Mission Car Care on Franz Road, Katy, Texas and leave it our ASE certified team of mechanics to check out your car heater system and give it a complete service.

A heater works when the coolant circulating through the engine absorbs engine heat and exchanges it with the outside air with the help of a radiator. A heater core uses the same hot coolant to keep the car warm and comfortable.

In case of a car heater over or under heating, the mechanics at Mission Car Care will check the thermostat-- a thermal value to regulate the flow of the coolant-- for wear and tear.

The other inspection that the experts at Mission Car Care will carry out is for any hindrance in the flow of coolant in the heater core as a result of accumulated sediment. This issue is tackled by a flush carried out by disconnecting the heater hoses and using compressed air to push the coolant and the grime back. This messy and tedious job will be handled adroitly by the team at Mission Car Care.

Our professional technicians will inspect the heater system for blockages and broken parts. They will check the blower circuit and motor with the resistors, fuse, switches and wire connections. A thorough examination of the heater core will be carried out to see if it needs to be replaced.

From heater core and fan motor repair and replacement to heater value and thermostat issues—Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will handle it all to save you precious time and money and make sure that you enjoy the winter months in the cozy warmth of your car.

Mission Car Care-An Official State Emission Inspection Station

Emission Inspection in United States is governed by each state individually and is a procedure required in Texas annually. This inspection is a procedure authorized by governments in many countries to ensure that the vehicle conforms to regulations governing safety, emissions, or both.

Don’t put off your state emission inspection because it is vital to check whether you automobile is not emitting more smog than is acceptable. Emission contaminates the air with carbon monoxide due to which 18 million adults and 7 million children in the USA are suffering from asthma. The hydro carbons and nitrous oxides in emissions eat away at the ozone layer, make us even more vulnerable to skin cancer and cataracts and plague the earth with acid rain.

In Texas, State Emission Inspection is carried out by privately owned garages with approval from the state DOT like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas. Mission Car Care inspects all year model cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs. Equipped with state-of-the-art OBD inspection machines and dynamometer allowing ASM emission testing as required by state law, Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is authorized to brand you vehicle’s windshield with an inspection decal or inspection sticker when it passes inspection displaying the month's number and the year.

If a vehicle exceeds the permissible emissions standards for the year it was manufactured, Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will repair and retest it within 60 calendar days from the date of the state emission test.

So be responsible for your car, your neighbors and your environment and drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas for your vehicle’s annual State Emission Inspection.

Radiator Service this Winter with Mission Car Care

Car systems are susceptible to changes in weather and the ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will give your car the complete winter protection by firstly tackling the vehicle's cooling system with a quality radiator service.

Even though Katy, Texas does not see extreme cold weather and winters are mild and temperate, yet one must gear their automobiles for a change in season. The transition into another season is an ideal time to come to Mission Car Care for a bi-yearly or tri-yearly preventive maintenance run.

Over time, contaminants infest your car’s cooling system and the antifreeze fluid which goes into the radiator can become acidic and lose its potency.

The mechanics at Mission Car Care will examine if the radiator needs to be drained and refilled with new coolant and water and top the radiator with the correct mix. This will be done by expertly flushing the fresh mixture to further remove the contaminants which are proving to be a hurdle for the flow of coolant.

Our technicians will check if the radiator cap and water outlet cap are cracked or damaged and replace them. This will be followed by an inspection of the hoses and tubes leading from the radiator to the water pump, thermostat and reserve tank to check for a leak of the antifreeze.

The winter service at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas includes an inspection of tires for tread depth and tire pressure. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board at least 2/32" of tread depth is deemed safe.

From details like checking your wipers to your windshield washer fluidMission Car Care will take care of it all. This time of the year is also great to get your annual car maintenance done which you might have been putting off. This includes an inspection of your battery, spark plug wires, brakes, engine oil and the essential oil change.

Simply drive into Mission Car Care on 22002 Franz Road, Katy, Texas or call us on 281-579-8526 to make an appointment for your radiator service and annual maintenance this winter.

Ensure Superior Engine Performance with Mission Car Care

The engine is the heart of your vehicle and needs to be looked after just like we would pay attention to our own heart. Getting this engine maintenance done by professional ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care in the Katy, Texas area will ensure that your engine is kept in great running condition at all times. Mission Car Care proactively protects your engine to last longer and helps you avoid major expenditures which might arise in case of permanent damage to your engine.

Here are a few ways to make certain that your engine performance is exemplary. The first thing the expert mechanics at Mission Car Care recommend is changing the oil regularly as it keeps vital engine parts well lubricated so that they won't overheat. If you delay an oil change it can eventually cause permanent damage to your engine.

The second thing Mission Car Care will keep in prime condition is your cooling system which comprises the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. We make sure that you have the proper amount of coolant flowing through your engine to prevent your engine from overheating.

Next comes an inspection of the rubber belts on your engine. It is the job of these belts to run the fan, water pump, alternator and air conditioner among other things. A squealing or spinning belt should be shown to our mechanics for adjustment or replacement. The technicians at Mission Car Care also check your air filters to notice if they are clogged with dirt and the time has come for them to be replaced. A dirty filter will not let the oxygen get to your engine and not let it breathe—a sure-shot danger sign!

Another thing you need to look out for is leaks for oil and antifreeze. A piece of advice we always give our customers who drive into Mission Car Care is never to run your car fuel all the way down to empty. This is because if the sediment at the bottom of the tank gets through the fuel filter and finds its way into the engine, it can cause internal damage. Debris in the fuel filter is also potentially harmful to the engine. If the filter hasn't been replaced in a while, we will change it for you to keep your engine running smoothly as a new fuel filter will keep the gas flowing into your engine clean.

Mission Car Care is also vigilant about your car’s spark plugs and wires. Our technicians recommend changing them every 30,000 miles. Old spark plugs and wires can cause your engine to run really rough.

It is never advisable to ignore the blinking engine lights and other warning lights in your car which warn about problems with the alternator, battery, engine temperature or other areas surrounding the engine. Mission Car Care will run a diagnostics check when the light comes on and hone in to fix your problem at once.

To ensure that your engine keeps running like new, opt for Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, and get an engine performance like never before.

Transmission Solutions on Mission Car Care

May it be manual or an automatic transmissiontransmission service comes highly recommended and that too by professional certified mechanics like those at Mission Car Care. Before your transmission begins to give your problems and leaves you high and dry, drive your car into Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas and have your transmission fluid changed.

It is wise to let a professional do this with a transmission flusher, which replaces the fluid thoroughly. Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, it plays the role of a coolant and a viscous fluid that transmits power from the engine to the transmission.

Manual transmissions can use regular motor oil, heavyweight hypoid gear oil or even automatic transmission fluid in some cases.

In an automatic transmission more heat is generated causing the automatic transmission fluid to degrade. In case of a manual transmission fluid contamination caused by the wear and tear of bearings, gears and synchronizers shortens the life of the transmission. These contaminants need to be flushed out.

The expert team at Mission Car Care recommends that manual transmission fluid be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles and service intervals for an automatic transmission vary from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Changing your transmission fluid with Mission Car Care at the correct interval is a good investment and can save you oodles of money in the long run for transmission repairs.

You might need a transmission fix if your car has trouble starting and you experience trembling especially when you are driving at a high speed. Pink fluid leaking from under your car while moving from a parking position is also a sign of a faulty transmission. It is important to check for a bad clutch, slipping of transmission and the engine lights as new cars have transmissions which are controlled by the computer and a engine light can help you know whether your transmission is faulty or not.

When you come to Franz Road in Katy at Mission Car Care, we will check your transmission fluid level during your oil change or preventive maintenance visits between service intervals too. Less transmission fluid can cause the transmission to shift improperly and do harm to the internal parts of your transmission. Be it transmission service or repairMission Car Care is the affordable and professional solution to your transmission issues.

Mission Car Care is your one-stop solution for all your automotive service and repair needs in Katy, Texas. Log onto to view our complete range of services.

Pre-Road Trip Check with Mission Car Care

A long weekend is coming up or the Christmas break is around the corner and you have planned a road trip with your family or friends. The excitement of a road trip is stimulating and one gets caught up in the frenzy of chalking out the route and making a check list as to what to get for the trip.

Yet, the most important thing to look into is the vehicle you are making your road trip in. A pre-road trip inspection with Mission Car Carequality automotive service and repair providers in the Katy, Texas area-- is the wisest thing you can do to ensure that your trip is enjoyable and hassle-free and your car poses no trouble on the road.

Drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas for a routine maintenance where our ASE certified team of mechanics will make a thorough inspection of your car at an affordable rate. This is one stitch in time which is sure to save nine!

Pre-road trip inspections will comprise of an inspection of the exterior to see if there is any loose molding or trim, debris in the grill to whether the windshield wipers are working properly to a complete examination of seat belts to fluid checksMission Car Care will take care of it all.

An inspection of the condition of the tires is vital to see if there is sufficient tread and enough air pressure and the values are tight. Our mechanics will be alert for any strange bumps can be seen on its sidewalls of the tires or foreign objects have become lodged in them.

The lights including the high beams and low beams of your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, tail lights and hazard lights are checked thoroughly and the brakes are serviced. The engine is tackled next to check wires and belts for fraying, battery posts for corrosion and oil seepage.

Mission Car Care carries out a check of the car fluids including the oil, brake fluid, coolant, wiper fluid, transmission fluid.

The in-voice prepared by Mission Car Care will show the list of items checked; their status and the recommended repairs and replacement.

Car breakdowns on a road trip can turn your entire experience sour and cost you a lot of time and money. Having a pre-road trip check at Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas ensures the safety of your loved ones and the success of your trip.

We look after your Battery at Mission Car Care

Keeping your battery in proper condition depends on your automotive service and repair provider. Your battery is the source of electrical current needed to start the engine and is a voltage stabilizer for the vehicle’s electrical system. It provides power to the electrical components and accessories even when your car engine isn't running.

At Mission Car Care we test your battery, diagnose the problem and replace or charge it as needed. All you have to do is drive your vehicle in Mission Car Care if you are in the Katy, Texas area and have you battery checked, charged or repaired.

Mission Car Care’s ASE certified mechanics provide immediate professional installation of high-quality, low maintenance batteries. A good battery can last for over five years with proper care at Mission Car Care. However, one can be faced with sudden battery failure depending on usage, maintenance and climate. Battery failure can occur by defective charging systems that cause the battery to be over, or under-charged; or other electrical faults.

Admittedly, a battery change is something which can be accomplished if you posses even a little bit of auto sense with a few tools. Mission Car Care exhorts that you wear gloves and safety glasses whenever working with batteries. Also make sure that you do not touch metal tools across the battery terminals as this can cause sparks. Be sure you are not near any smoke or flames when working to replace or inspect you battery.

If your vehicles’ batteries are located in tough-to-reach areas such as under the front fender, or under the rear seat or the trunk, or you want a pro to handle the task, just drive into Mission Car Care and let us do a sure-shot job. Depending on the model of your car, battery number, size, type and CCA (cold cranking AMPS) and ampere hour ratings, Mission Car Care’s technicians will replace your battery.

A battery change starts with identifying the positive and negative terminals which are clearly marked and loosening the bolt that holds the negative terminal. Remove the negative cable first and then the positive cable. Lift the battery and remove it from the car.

This is followed by an inspection of the battery terminal clamps to see if they need cleaning or replacement. The battery tray needs to be cleaned out next and then the corrosion.

Making sure that the positive and negative terminals are on the correct sides, the battery is then installed by reattaching and tightening the positive cable first and then the negative cable. It is time to start you car to verify that the installation is complete. Mission Car Care recycles the battery we replace.

Mission Car Care suggests that you bring in your car and have your battery and charging system or alternator inspected at least annually to ensure that your vehicle functions smoothly in every situation.

Log onto to view our range of services, call us on 281-579-8526 or simply drive upto Mission Car Care on 22002 Franz Road, Katy, Texas any time between 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

A Quick Oil Change with Mission Car Care can Prevent Hefty Car Problems

An oil change may seem like a trivial thing but if you wish to make your engine run smoothly and last longer it must be carried out every 5000 miles.

Oil change is vital as oil undergoes thermal breakdown at a high temperature and consequently becomes ineffective as a lubricant and may result in parts of the engine rubbing together and wearing out. The additives which are found in oil play the part of neutralizing acids and if the oil is not changed they stop doing so. Oil can absorb water, dust and combustion by products and become saturated with this mass and cause corrosion. Thus, this oil serves many crucial functions, and clean oil performs those functions better than dirty oil.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas encourages its customers to keep their eyes open for the “check oil” light in every car and the oil filler under the hood to monitor oil levels.

An oil change is something which you yourself can do with ease and involves draining out the old motor oil and replacing it with fresh, new motor oil. We suggest that you check the oil level every few hundred miles by parking your car on a level surface and removing the oil dipstick. Clean it on a rag and then dip it in again to check the oil level. Ideally, it should be right at the full mark.

However, if you don’t feel upto doing it, or are in any doubt or don’t wish to get dirty and greasy just drive your car into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas and our ASE trained mechanics will give you a quick and affordable oil change.

Even though the general recommendation is getting your oil changed every 5000 miles however, factors like the way you drive, the terrain and the age of your engine makes this number differ from car to car. Mission Car Care’s skilled and experienced mechanics treat each car like a separate entity and will tell you exactly when your car needs an oil change which may vary from 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

It is always wise to let Mission Car Care’s mechanics handle any job, no matter how trivial as we are an affordable and sure-shot option for all your car concerns in the Katy, Texas area. Just drive into Mission Car Care and let the experience and skill of our trustworthy team take care of your vehicle.

Mission Car Care-Home to Reliable Auto Mechanics

An auto mechanic is to a car what a doctor is to a human and a vet is to an animal. Like a doctor, an auto mechanic needs to be professionally trained, trustworthy and have sound reasoning abilities. He needs to be accessible because a car can give trouble unexpectedly and he needs to posses a deep knowledge of automobiles.

At Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas our team of ASE certified technicians are trained to diagnose the problem with your care accurately and speedily. Our dedication to hire only certified technicians reflects our mission to give our customers only the best mechanics who are abreast of the latest technologies and techniques in the automotive industry.

Hen you bring your car to Mission Car Care, our technicians will listen to you carefully to get details of the nature of your car problems. This will be followed by a testing to see if components and systems are proper and secure, methodically ruling out those components that are not the cause of the problem. It is only after through inspection of the vehicle that the mechanics at Mission Car Care will quote prices for customers and begin repair, maintenance or replacement after the client’s approval.

The technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, follow a checklist to ensure that all important parts have been thoroughly examined. Apart from carrying out vehicle maintenance and service as well as preventive maintenance, our mechanics are well versed with the rapidly progressing mechanical and electronic technology of modern cars which boast of complex computer and electronic systems.

The hands-on, physically strenuous work performed by our mechanics with traditional hand-held tools is our forte. This is complimented with the ability of our service technicians to operate sophisticated diagnostic computers at Mission Car Care which make diagnosing or repairing a vehicle easier and faster.

The team of technicians at Mission Car Care do not just posses diagnostic, problem solving skills and technical aptitude, but to top it off, they are trained to build excellent customer service skills and communicate effectively with clients.

Premium Brake Servicing with Mission Car Care

What is the safety of a car without brakes? Keep your ears open and eyes alert to any problems in your car brakes which can be easily addressed by servicing at Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas.

If the brake light appears on your car's dashboard or you feel that your car is taking longer to stop, you should visit the experienced technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy for brake check and servicing.

Keep your ears perked for sounds from your brakes like a squealing sound from the sensor or a grinding noise which might indicate that when you hit the brakes, the metal of the calipers is grinding against the metal of your rotors which is terrible for the health of the rotors. When you feel that your car is exerting a pull by itself then it might indicate a stuck caliper causing friction on one wheel.

Checking brake pads is also carried out as part of the brake service package at Mission Car Care, Katy because if they become thin they'll become less effective at slowing and stopping your car. The brake pads are located between the caliper and rotor and their thickness should be one-quarter of an inch.

May it be a collapsed brake hose that would cause your calipers to move unevenly when applying the brakes, uneven brake pads, rapid brake-pedal pulsing indicating warped rotors or mushy pedals--the mechanics at Mission Car Care can deal adroitly with any brake related issues. Brake fluid change is carried out at Mission Car Care as an inexpensive and speedy service as dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid by moisture can be the cause of several car problems.

Entrusting your car to Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is the easiest way to prevent brake failure which we do so by regular maintenance of your vehicle and being attentive to any changes in performance.

Just log onto and view our complete range of quality automotive service and repair and become acquainted with our team of skilled technicians.

Preventive Maintenance with Mission Car Care

A well-maintained car means reliability, safety and efficiency. It means you get to places on time and you get things done when they are needed to be done. It means no waiting around, no dilly dallying and no frustration. It means a safe commute for you and your loved ones and that is simply priceless.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas offers this reliability, safety and efficiency by giving preventive maintenance service to keep your car a well-maintained and smoothly purring machine at all times.

Mission Car Care has a team of trained and qualified mechanics with the expertise and equipment to carry out every kind of vehicle’s preventive maintenance. The frequency of a car’s preventive-maintenance-need varies with different vehicles and depends upon the number of trips and distance traveled per trip per day, extreme climatic conditions, rugged road trips or towing a heavy load.

The regular preventive maintenance regimen at Mission Car Care will include changing the oil and oil filter which should be done approximately every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. It incorporates checking brake, power steering, transmission, transaxle, windshield washer and antifreeze fluids. This also comprises of a thorough inspection of the air pressure level in your car’s tires, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignment as well as air filter, headlights, turn signals, brake lights and taillights.

Preventive maintenance will also take care of the replacement of a number of parts as per need to prevent major complications or for safety reasons as well as attention to details like lubrication of locks and hinges. The car you will get back will be sparkling clean and as good as new to take on the road.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas also urges all its customers to keep your eyes and ears open for any complications and be vigilant about the car’s daily maintenance. The trusted service technicians at Mission Car Care will always be available to address your car care concerns.

Dependable Air Conditioning for your Car with Mission Car Care

A car ride can be unbearable when the sun’s heat makes one sweat and swelter. May it be running errands or getting stuck in a traffic jam—if a car’s air conditioning doesn’t work properly it can make life simply wretched and make the passengers in the car edgy, irritated, hot and flustered. Imagine making it to a meeting or lunch with old friends looking disheveled and grouchy all because your car air conditioning failed to work properly.

Air conditioning is not a feature which only luxury vehicles boast of today, infact even the most basic cars now come equipped with air conditioning, as a stand-alone feature or as part of a climate control system.

Not only essential to battle the heat, but an air conditioner can dehumidify the car and clear misted windows rapidly, making it a safety measure too.

Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas not only installs air conditioning in your car to make your car ride enjoyable and easy but also offers superior service of air conditioning units.

The most basic problem one faces with car air conditioning is that no or little cold air is felt which means that there is a leak somewhere in the system. Another problem is when the blast of cold air is too severe which may be due to a blockage somewhere in the system that is forcing more air than normal out of all vents upstream from the blockage.

Even though these problems might not be major, they need to be shown to a quality automotive service and repair company like Mission Car Care, Katy, so that the issue doesn’t burgeon into a bigger problem which will surely lead to more expense.

At Mission Car Care, these basic problems are tackled effortlessly, as our technicians have a superb understanding of the of six major interconnected components which make up the air conditioning system of a car including the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve, and the refrigerant. The complexity of the system is all the more reason that initial signs of trouble with the air conditioning are tackled as soon as possible to prevent further degeneration.

Getting your car air conditioning serviced regularly will ensure that your vehicle’s AC system continues to remain safe, efficient and dependable. A smoothly-running air conditioning system is not only a comfort feature but increases your car’s resale value.

Let professionals like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, handle the minor and major problems of your car and rest assured that you have opted for the right choice for the care of your prized vehicle.

Servicing your Car with Mission Car Care!

Precaution is better than cure—every sensible person knows that. This is exactly why we have a regular dental check-up—to find potential problems before they become too complicated!

Giving your car the care and attention of servicing means spending a small amount of time and money on it but by doing so you are saving up on major repairs over the life of the car; there is simply less inconvenience and unforeseen expense, greater fuel economy, a greener environment and better part-exchange value when you come to sell your car.

However, whom you go to for servicing your car is just as crucial a decision as which doctor you decide to consult for an ailment. Surely you will opt for the best and most experienced and that is exactly why Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas should be the one-stop solution to all your car servicing needs.

Advanced and sophisticated vehicles now call for expert technicians to service your car, and Mission Car Care’s team of skilled mechanics know that there is much more to servicing a modern car than simply giving it a "grease and oil change”.

Car servicing at Mission Car Care involves up to 50 or more component and system checks and adjustments to maintain the engine in peak economy, performance and emissions condition.

A full service at Mission Car Care will include fluid level checks--hydraulic fluid is hydroscopic and thus needs to be changed at regular intervals as water in hydraulic fluid can corrode the system internally.

Our technicians will hone onto any potential cooling system problems including leaks from the radiator, cap, water pump, cylinder head or gasket and hoses. Your car will be treated to a check of the condition of the brake pads, battery, steering alignment, tyre tread depth, suspension condition, oil leaks, exhaust leaks or corrosion, and even the car door locks.

Once you drive your car into Mission Car Care, we maintain a complete service history. Our team of technicians will speak to clients after the car is assessed and before the service is carried out, and discuss things openly. You can rest assured that your car will be as good as new once it has been treated to the A-Grade service at Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas.

Your Car makes your Life Go Round

A car is what makes you and moves you! It helps you reach places on time; achieve targets; accomplish tasks; handle emergencies. It is your partner whether it means reaching your workplace on time, driving your kids to school, going to the movies or rushing to the doctor’s. It makes you mobile and efficient, independent and in control!

Quality Automotive services katy, texas

Learning to drive is the major break from the stifling restrictions of the family and the first step to adulthood. Personal cars have become the norm; the freedom of the car has become a necessity. From mundane acts to essential tasks—all have become impossible without access to a car. The car has long since become less of a mere means of transport and more a means of identity.

However, when your car gives you trouble, it leaves you feeling frustrated and handicapped. Life comes to a standstill. The chores we conducted so effortlessly now loom before us.

But worry not! Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas is a one-stop, comprehensive, allencompassing and affordable solution for all your car concerns.

Our name speaks for itself! Once you bring your car to Mission Car Care, your car becomes our concern. Our mission is to take utmost care of your vehicle may it be an SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, Convertible, Mini-van or Wagon. Our certified and professional technicians will meticulously diagnose your car problem after a thorough inspection of your vehicle and even recommend required maintenance. Our purpose is clear--to treat your car to honest and dependable automotive repairs and quality customer service available in Katy, Texas.

Armed with an honest and professional vision, skilled manpower, and a dedicated decade of experience, Mission Car Care treats each car an individual entity. May it be Engine Diagnostics, Brake Service, Air Conditioning and Heating, Tune-ups, Preventive Maintenance, Transmissions or Electrical Systems Repairs—our certified professional technicians will do it all, in time and within your budget.

Mission Car Care knows just what your car means to you. It is your life-line which makes all the elements in your life reachable. Log onto missioncarcarkaty to view our complete range of services.
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