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Mission Car Care Knows How Crucial Brake Fluid is!

Only an experienced and certified mechanic knows the critical role the brake fluid plays in an automobile. That is the reason why the ASE certified team of mechanics and technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx recommend a periodic brake fluid flush to help prevent costly brake system repairs, making it a wise long-term vehicle maintenance step.

It is the job of the brake fluid to move components in your vehicle's braking system by work perfectly under high pressures and temperatures. Brake fluid travels through the braking system and is responsible for transferring the force you apply on the foot pedal to the hub of the wheel. Needless to stay, without it your brakes would cease to work!
Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid, easily absorbing and retaining moisture. This is the brake fluids job- by absorbing the moisture that gets into the system and retaining it, it combats moisture related corrosion and failure of internal brake system components.

But even the most superior quality brake fluid has the capacity of retaining a particular amount of moisture and that is why the experts at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx know exactly when the brake fluid needs to be replaced by noting the color of the fluid in your car’s brake fluid reservoir.

Fresh brake fluid is clear and had a slight yellow tinge; this fluid requires changing when it turns amber, brown or black. A car usually needs its brake fluid changed every two years especially in case of modern vehicles whose antilock brake and traction-control equipment is more sensitive to moisture and debris and generates heat which breaks down the brake fluid even faster.

For the long life of your vehicle and for avoiding costly brake system repairs, drive into Mission CarCare, Katy, Tx for a worthwhile brake fluid flush every two years.

Keep your Car Shiny with a Professional Wax Job

A wax job not just keeps the car gleaming like new but acts as a shield for your car paint against various contaminants present in the environment and repels water. Waxing your car also removes minor paint imperfections making it appear unscathed.

You can drive your car into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx once in three months to get a quick and professionalwax job by our efficient team which should keep your car gleaming and protected for a good 2 - 4 months.

These are a few techniques our experts use to wax the cars at Mission Car Care. 

Car lovers spend Sunday mornings lovingly waxing their car but there is a right and easy way to do it so that your car looks as good as it has the potential to.

The first thing to keep in mind is to be sure your car is very clean and your paint surfaces are smooth and clean if you don’t want grooves in your paint job! Secondly, don’t wax in the sun as the sun’s heat will quickly harden the wax on your car and damage your finish. Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx recommends that you don’t wax in extreme weather conditions and wax in a garage or in the shade.

The type of wax you use also matters-if you’re using paste wax just put a small amount on a clean damp sponge. In case of liquid wax, don’t ever squirt it directly onto your paint! Liquid wax should be applied a small quantity in a straight line directly to the section of the car body. Apply liquid wax with a microfiber cloth or the applicator pad of the wax so that you won’t scratch the clear coat on the car like when using cotton. 
It’s never a good idea to wax the entire car in one go. Ideally, one should tackle one section at a time.

For buffing use another clean cloth and rub in circular motion. For a car show kind of glossy look, wax first with a synthetic and buff it up, followed by another layer of carnauba wax.

Mission Car Care remains your automobile service and repair partner for all your car needs. 

Make Sure you Don’t get a Dead Battery this Winter

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in your car in the winter months just to realize that your car refuses to start because of a dead battery. And you keep wondering whether it was your fault that the battery conked out again or if the weather is to blame?

A dead battery may be because you might have left your headlights open or left your keys in the ignition. A dirty battery can also really affect how much starting power your battery can transfer to your starter.

Also a stuck relay may be the cause of your sporadic battery problems. Your car's electrical system relies on a network of relays that open and close and control the flow of electricity through the vehicle. Relays may go bad over time resulting in getting stuck at an ON or OFF. If kept on ON, the air pump or fuel pump or something else can remain ON and suck the life out of the battery.

Look out for signs of a failing battery like your headlights looking dim at idle and then brightening when you rev the engine or your starter turning slowly barely starting the car. In such cases, come into Mission Car Care for a complete battery service.

The ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care will clean the corrosion on your battery terminals and check your battery whenever you drive into Mission Car Care in Katy, Tx for regular maintenance. Our professional team tests the battery to make sure it's putting out enough amperage so that your vehicle purrs to life on the coldest mornings. We also clean the cables, check the level of electrolyte along with inspecting the condition and charge of the battery.

The environment-friendly philosophy at Mission Car Care makes it dedicated to recycling these rechargeable batteries, helping to combat the problem of battery disposal. For an expert look at your car, to avoid unforeseen battery problems, simply drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx and let our professional team do the rest.

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