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Three Common Tire Troubles

Tires can often be the window into the soul of your vehicle’s front-end suspension. When it comes to preventative maintenance for your tires, it is important to pay attention to the signals your tires may be sending to you about the wear and tear to your car’s front end and undercarriage. There are different problems that can arise from worn front-end suspension parts, and the different types of wear and tear shown by your tires can give some important clues regarding the suspension components that may be in need of attention.

Fast Wearing Tires

As Houston commuters add miles to their cars, they will notice that the tread will simply wear down and the ridges in the tire’s tread pattern will become shallower. If your tires are wearing evenly, but wearing down too quickly, you may need to replace the tires with a higher quality brand that is designed to wear longer. Within the treads of your tires, there is a wear-bar that runs perpendicular to the major tread pattern, and when you can see these wear bars clearly it is time to replace your tires. If you can see any wire or metal parts protruding from your tire treads that means the tire has long exceeded its useful life and is probably no longer safe to drive on.

One tried and true technique for anyone to check tire-wear is to use a standard U.S. penny. If you stick a penny into the tread with the president’s head sticking down, the tire tread is acceptable if any part of the head remains below the tread. If your tire does not pass this penny test, chances are the tire has worn too far and it should be replaced.

Uneven Tread Wear

When the treads of your tires are wearing unevenly, there is less likely a problem with your tires. Uneven wear is a signal that the front-end suspension of your car has issues that need to be addressed. If only one side or edge of the tires are wearing out, this may indicate that your car needs a front end alignment, but it could also be a sign that worn ball joints or control arm bushings in the front end are causing problems. If your tires are showing this type of wear, it is important to have a professional mechanic diagnose your front-end issues.

If both the outer and inner edges of the tire are wearing faster than the middle tread of the tire, you may have under-inflated tires. Over-inflated tires will generally wear the center tread more than the edges. Either case can be avoided by using a tire pressure gauge when filling your tires with air, and you should check the pressure of your tires periodically.

Feathering or Scalloping

Sometimes tires will wear in an odd pattern where there is a rounded edge on one side of the tire and an uneven, scalloped or feathered wear pattern on the other edge. In some cases, this condition can be seen by a visual examination of the tire, and in other cases, the condition can be detected best by simply running your hands over the edge of the tire. You will be able to feel the unevenness as you run your hand over the tread. A third method of detection is a vibration or humming noise that can be heard from the front end while driving. The main cause of this issue is front-end tire alignment, and if caught early enough, a proper alignment can prevent further damage to the tire. This condition can also be caused by damaged or bent wheels or other suspension parts.

One of the best ways to ensure the longest life for your tires is to rotate them regularly and make sure that you make a tire-check part of your regular pre-road trip inspections. If you are in the Katy area, be sure to schedule your regular front-end maintenance today at Mission Car Care on Clay Road to ensure that you get the most out of your tires.

How important is your vehicle manual?

Wouldn’t you read the user manual if you bought any new gadget or piece of machinery? The same goes for your car. Your vehicle is something you are using day in and day out and the manual will tell all you need to know about your vehicle.

May it be warning indicators which will alert you as to something going wrong inside your car to troubleshooting those problems—your manual will guide you to it. One of the most important things your vehicle manual will tell you is the preventive maintenance schedule and recommended oil change and air filter change schedule. Following this regime will make your engine’s life longer.

The worst thing which can happen is that not following the clear instructions for your particular car type might cause damage to your vehicle which might make your warranty void.

If your car is really precious to you, you will surely refer to your car manual. In fact choosing an auto service station with ASE certified mechanics who know the manuals of each vehicle is vital to the well being of your car. For quality auto repair in Katy, Tx, drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road and let our professional team give you the best quality preventive maintenance in Katy.

Good Service takes Time

Slow and steady always gets the work done right! As in everything else, this applies even for automobile repairs. Professional technicians and mechanics do not believe it giving band-aid solutions to your car problems instead, they believe in doing things right to give your long-term answers so that your car will go a long way.

The reason why repairs sometimes take longer than you expected is because you might have taken your car in for one problem, but your mechanic’s trained eye might also identify other issues which need to be addresses simultaneously.

The ASE certified team at Mission Car Care will patiently listen to the symptoms of your automobile problem and give you a realistic timeline as well as cost estimate after the complication has been diagnosed.

Depending on the nature of your problem you can choose to wait, drink a coffee at a nearby café or diner, or drop off your car to pick it up later. It may take hours, days or weeks; our team will try to give you your car with the resolution of the complication. Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx is open between 7 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday and 8 am to 3 pm on Saturdays.

Log onto for a look at our complete range of automobile repair and services.

Body work for your Car at Mission Car Care

Even the slightest dent can mar the look of your prized car. Instead of wincing at those scratches, scuffs and dents to your vehicle, or putting off a paint job because you fear you can’t afford it, just drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Txfor full body repair service.

Even minor accidents can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of the car and should only be handled by professional service and repair stations.

Thefully equipped workshop and ASE experienced team of qualified mechanics at Mission Car Care can handle all kinds of car and van body repair work with the highest quality products so that your car receives the best quality repair service.

Body work at Mission Car Care incorporates metals and plastics, interior and exterior parts and coatings and seams.Minor paint work or a complete paint job-we can do it all. We also offer the affordable and easy option of paintless dent repair where dents in your automobile’s body can be ‘pushed out’ using special tools by skilled technicians.

Our consulting team will first assess the damage and give you a free estimate as to how much it will cost to repair your car. This will be followed by giving you a schedule and timeline as to how long your repairs will take. We pride ourselves on meeting our deadlines so that you don’t have to stay without your car for too long.Log onto for a look at our complete range of automobile repair services.

A Cabin Air Filter Check this Fallat Mission Car Care

Fall is here and it’s time for those dried up leaves in the colours of the sunset to create a carpet on the sidewalks and roads. It is also the right time to get your cabin air filter checked and replaced.

What does the cabin air filter do?

The cabin air filter helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust, leaves, bugs and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle’s air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems. Premium filters are made up of a multi-layer design that traps airborne contaminants so that you do not inhale them. The first layer traps larger, coarse particles. The middle layer is electrostatically charged to remove minute particles.

When to get your cabin air filter replaced?
Cabin air filters which clean the incoming air and rid it off allergens should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles according to the ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx.

When your cabin air filter doesn’t work

Your vehicle is sure to smell unpleasant and musty if your cabin air filter has not been replaced on time. The contaminants can become so concentrated in the cabin that passengers will end up taking in more fumes and particles when riding in the car than when they are on the open road. A clogged cabin air filter hinders the airflow in the HVAC system, creating interior heating and cooling issues. Thus, a perfectly functioning cabin air filter is not just important for efficiency of your cars heating and cooling system but more so for the well-being and health of your car’s passengers.

Servicing the cabin air filter

At Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx our team of technicians maintain that filters should not be cleaned and reinstalled; instead, they should be replaced. Our mechanics will help locate the cabin filter under the hood or in the interior of the cartypically located under your vehicle's dashboard or attached to the glove box. Our team will study the owner’s manual; they know which filters require basic hand tools to remove and install the replacement filter and which filters need to be handled by hands only.

Drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx for a preventive maintenance check for your vehicle this fall to make sure your car is in tip-top shape for the approaching winter.

Are you a Safe Driver?

Rash driving is not simply hazardous to you and others on the road but speeding, rapid acceleration and breaking violently wastes gas and lowers your gas mileage.

Here is a step-by-step checklist of things you should reflect upon to judge if you are a safe driver:

1. Adjusting the seat for effective control and adjusting all three mirrors for being alert of your surroundings at all times.

2. Wearing your seatbelt.

3. Indicating properly and well in time on curbs, while changing lanes and on roundabouts.

4. Looking in the rearview mirror when braking.

5. Slowing down at intersections and looking for other cars even if you have right of way.

6. Avoid changing lanes. Doing a head check by turning around in case of changing lanes and  in  blind spots. 

7. Stopping completely at stop signs.

8. Not exceeding your speed limit.

9. Leaving space when you stop behind a car.

10. Keeping your car will tuned so that it is completely in your control

Sensible driving is not just safer for your car’s passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road but you also end up saving gas. It is sensible to follow the above checklist so that your car also stays in prime condition so that you can avoid automobile repair costs.

However, automobile servicing is something a safe driver never overlooks. For regular scheduled and preventive maintenance of your car, drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx where the ASE certified mechanics and technicians value safe drivers.

Servicing the Serpentine Belt

It might just look like an innocuous, long winding belt but it is responsible for transporting power to the vital automotive components of your car.It is the serpentine belt, which drives the accessories including power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor and water pump in your car.

Without a properly functioning serpentine belt, your car can end up with a dead battery, and may even over heat. And knowing the Texan heat, the AC is something we surely can’t do without!

When you drive your car into Clay Road at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx, for an oil change, our team will carry out a preventive maintenance check where the serpentine belt will also be inspected thoroughly.

The serpentine belt needs to be changed not only when it breaks completely but when you can see it cracking along the pulley or making a noise. Tears on the belt may mean that it is rubbing a pulley flange or bolt as it moves and may just require a professional mechanic to file a pulley flange or bend something out of the way.Small cracks at intervals do not necessarily mean that you should have your serpentine belt changed immediately but if cracks are observed 3 mm apart all along the belt then our team will replace the belt.

Even if there are other issues with the car, like a leaking water pump or oil leaking onto the belt and contaminating it, the ASE certified team at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx will recommend whether the belt can survive longer or will need replacing.

We like to keep our customers informed that even though the serpentine belt does not require periodic adjustment but it, too, cannot last forever. This is the reason why Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx keeps a look out for every small detail so that you will never be stranded in your car.

What kind of Spark Plugs Does Your Car Need?

Small yet significant, spark plugs are the insulated plugs that are screwed into an internal combustion engine's cylinder head to deliver the spark that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. They also transfer heat away from the combustion chamber.

How Spark Plugs Work:

The spark plugs are found at the top of the cylinder head. The piston first travels down the cylinder, draws up the mixture of fuel and air and runs back up toward the spark plug, compressing the mixture. Right at the top, the spark plug sparks and ignites the mixture. The piston is forced back down to create power for the vehicle, then pushed back up again to clear out the exhaust. This procedure is repeated again and again.

Standard versus Premium Spark Plugs:

Standard spark plugs in modern engines have a copper center electrode core surrounded by a nickel alloy, which you can see at the tip of the plug. Premium spark plugs are fashioned from precious metals, like platinum or iridium, in place of the nickel alloy. These are expensive and have higher melting points.

Hot versus Cold Plugs:

With regards to temperatures, spark plugs come in two basic varieties. Cold plugs are recommended for high-horsepower high-compression engines while hot plugs have more insulation and used in most standard engines.

Spark plugs usually need to be changed every 30,000 miles and if you don’t drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx to do so your car will end up with dirty, carbon-fouled, misfiring spark plugs. Old and damaged spark plugs are sure to lower a car's fuel economy so you must let our ASE certified team replace them with shiny, new plugs to improve fuel economy.

What to do after a Car Accident

Every driver shudders at the thought of an automobile accident. The fear of the car accident being fatal or crippling tops the list. However, even if you have been fortunate enough to have escaped the episode without many bruises, there is the cost of having your damaged car repaired as well as the inconvenience of not having a set of wheels at your disposal for your everyday needs.

The one bright spot in cars these days is that because they are built better and are safer than in the days of yore, fatal car crashes have reduced. But all said and done, even if you are the most cautious driver then too there is a chance you will meet with an accident. It might be because of some other driver’s callousness or just because you were fated to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but you will end up paying a price for it too.

Here are a few things every driver should keep in mind in case you are ever in an accident:

1. Be prepared:

Not that we promote being a pessimist but there is no harm in being prepared for an accident. You should always have an emergency phone number of a friend or family member (ICE- In Case of Emergency) stored away in your mobile phone. You can even carry relevant medical information for you and your family. Experts also advise carrying a set of cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk to help alert traffic.

2. Try to remain calm:

Not the easiest thing to do in the world after an accident but try taking a deep breath and stay calm. Don’t start yelling at the person in the other vehicle and avoid causing a scene. Being in control will help you check for injuries and move the car away from traffic if you are in a position to do so. Turn on your car’s hazard lights and place the cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares for safety.

3. Make that phone call:

In case of any kind of injury do not hesitate to call an ambulance. Call 911 to report the accident. The wisest thing would be to call the police too as well as a loved one to inform them as to what has happened and where you are. If you don't get a police report documenting your wreck, what proof do you have that it even happened?

Do not leave the site of the accident before the police arrive. When questioned state the facts and that too only to the police and your insurance agent.

4. Stay right there:

Do not leave the site of the accident before the police arrive. In Texas driving away after an accident even if it is minor is a misdemeanor offense and could land you a charge of failure to stop and render aid. More so, if someone is injured or killed, you could be charged with felony.

5. Note the damage:

Observe and note what damage has been done to your car as well as the other vehicles involved. Get the right insurance information from the other motorist. You will require the other driver's name, address, insurance company name and policy number. Also note the make, model and color of vehicle they were driving as well. Don't forget to write down the other vehicle's license plate number. You can even take names and contacts of witnesses if they are any. Do not sign any document unless it's for the police or your insurance agent.

You can bring your car into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx for all kinds of quality auto repairs to your car as well as preventive maintenance. Simply call us on 281-579-8526 or drive in between Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

Benefits to Washing your Car Regularly

You must have seen car lovers washing their car as the dawn breaks or after sundown. If you think they are crazy, think again! This relatively cooler time is best suited to washing your car. Washing your car in the blazing sun can cause some surfaces to dry faster than you may want them to, leaving residue and unwanted streaks.

Contaminants Around Us:
Keeping your car clean by spraying it with water and scrubbing the glass, trim, paint and wheels wipes away the emissions in the environment which stick to the car and are transformed into nitric or sulfuric acid clean. These can gnaw away at your paint and even metal.

When our cars stand in parking lots or driveways they are subjected to other elements in our surroundings like bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and even leaves. In the heat of the sun these substances decompose and can stain the car’s exterior. Sea or road salt exacerbates the problem by causing a chemical reaction that can quicken pitting and rusting. These substances need to be regularly washed away to avoid such circumstances.

How to Wash your Car Quickly and Effectively?
Car experts say that aesthetics is one of the top considerations when a person buys a car even if it may be a per-owned one. Taking care of your car like hosing it down with water and cleaning it with a wash mitt or sponge helps maintain the vehicle properly and maintains its resale value. Towels made of 100% cotton are recommended to dry it properly as they are effective water absorbers.

Begin drying at the top and work your way to the hood and trunk, and dry the sides last. Try using a new, dry towel for each area for maximum drying results. All said and done, there comes an unmistakable pride with driving a squeaky clean, newly washed car. Bring your car into Mission Car Care for complete automobile maintenance check on Clay Road in Katy, Tx for the best in automobile service

Planning Not to Use your Car for a While?

If you are planning to leave your car unused for a few weeks, here are a few things you should  probably do before you let your vehicle simple sit away, uncared for.

Spruce it Up:

The most vital thing to do is remove all the dirt, grime and grease off the car and its nooks and crevices, especially the undercarriage. Accumulation of such elements over time can lead to corrosion and damage. You should even make sure the tires are at the right pressure to prevent flat spots from the weight of the vehicle.

Cover it Up:

If you have a garage or storage facility, then that’s ideal for storing your car and protecting it from outside elements. If not, then weatherproof car covers can serve the purpose of keeping  your car clean and dry while you are away. Try to cover any gaps with steel wool where a mouse could enter, such as the exhaust pipe or an air intake. The smell of mothballs or cotton swabs dipped in peppermint oil around the car will also help ward off critters.

Fuel it Up:

Why would you want to fill the tank up if you are not planning to use your car for a while? Well, simply because a filled tank will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank and keep the seals from drying out. A fuel stabilizer will ensure that the gas does not deteriorate.

Charge it Up:

The first thing which happens when you don’t use your car for a while is that the battery loses its charge. If you can ask a neighbor or family member to start up the car and take it for a spin in a few days that would be best to keep it in good working order.

The expert team of ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx advises that you take these few steps so that you come back home to a car in good condition and you may go about your routine with ease.

Keeping your Car’s Electrical System in Prime Condition

Your car’s electrical system deserves a check every time you drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road in Katy, Tx. The electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. Until your vehicle starts, your battery is providing the car’s entire electrical current including current to the ignition and fuel systems. That is the reason we make sure you are never left with a weak battery.

Tell our team if your check engine light comes on or you have trouble cranking your engine; your battery fluid level is low or leaking or the battery seems bloated. These are signs that your battery might be failing.

The electrical system of your car comprises of more than just the battery! While the battery supplies the power to start your vehicle, the starter is really what gets the engine going. Our team of ASE certified technicians will check if the starter is drawing the proper amount of current. Too much current will indicate a worn starter, while a low current may be due to corroded connections.

When your engine is running, the alternator keeps the battery charged and the keeps the electrical system going. The team at Mission Car Care makes sure that your alternator doesn't fail and will check it to see if the alternator requires replacement.

Make sure your car in treated to a complete electrical system check every two years or during your preventive or scheduled maintenance from Mission Car Care. Let our experienced team fix all your intricate electrical system problems--may it be in the battery, starter or alternator-- before you are left with a car which will refuse to start.

Why your Car needs a Good Car Battery?

A weak battery will not give your car’s starter the amps for the engine to start nor will it be able to provide car’s electronic components need to operate effectively. A battery not only cranks the engine but also provides power for lights and accessories when the car is not running, and goes onto stabilize voltage within the vehicles electrical system. Moreover, it moves in to provide power when the demands of the vehicle's electrical system temporarily exceed the output of the alternator.
the steady voltage your

The expert team of ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx make sure that they take a look at your car battery whenever you drive into our service station on Clay Road, Tx for preventive maintenance or scheduled maintenance checks.

We check the car battery to ensure that corrosion doesn't set it in on your battery terminals. Once corrosion sets in, your car will randomly fail to start due to electrical contact being lost between battery and cable. A dirty battery surface can lead to a discharge and corrosion so we make sure there is no split oil or grease onto the top of the battery. We treat your battery to a full charge as that ensures its maximum life. We also tell our valued customers to keep their eyes open for warning signs that your car battery’s about to fail.

At the end of the day, batteries are heavy and have Sulfuric acid and hydrogen gas so it is wise to let the professionals at Mission Car Care handle all your battery concerns.

Signs that Your Car needs Brake Service

Brakes are to your car what an anchor is to ships. It gives the driver complete control of his vehicle and when you are out driving on highways, congested roads or assorted terrains, it’s vital to be in control.

When you drive your car into Mission Car Care at Clay Road, Katy, Tx for brake service, our expert team of ASE certified mechanics will check the brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder, power brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors. 

We like to share our indepth knowledge of brakes with our clients so we always tell them to look out for a few tell-tale warning signs which should have them rushing into Mission Car Care for brake service and repair

You know you need brake repair when:
  •  The brake dashboard light glows amber. This shows a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)
  •  The brake dashboard light is red, pointing to a system imbalance
  •  The brake pedal pulsates as you moderately apply the brakes.
  •  The brake pedal requires excessive force to apply the brakes.
  •  The brake pedal goes to the floor with little resistance.
  •  You hear grinding or squealing noises during braking
  •  The brakes emit a burning smell when you stop.
  •  The travel distance is more than usual or close to half the distance to stop when you engage the brakes.
 The vehicle pulls to one side as the brakes are applied.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx remains your partner in ensuring a safe drive of your vehicle by providing quality automobile service and repair.

Why we only hire ASE Certified Mechanics!

Gone are the days where tinkering with your car could fix automobile problems. Today’s cars are complex, state-of-the-art machines armed with technology which need the attention of only qualified and certified technicians.

This is the reason you should always take your car into a station or automobile service and repair provider with ASE certified mechanics for your auto repair and maintenance work.

Who is an ASE Certified Mechanic?

To be an ASE certified mechanic, one has to enrol in a program at The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, pass an examination, have two years on the job training and work experience. In addition he must pass a refresher examination every five years.At Mission Car Care, Katy, TX we have hired a team of experienced and dedicated ASE certified mechanics who have expert know-how of all the parts of every kind of vehicle.

Why your car needs an ASE Certified Mechanic?

1. Only an ASE Certified mechanic has his finger on the pulse of modern vehicles which come with advanced technology in terms of electronics and computer chips and fuel efficiency.

2. The extensive training and experience of an ASE certified mechanic enables him to diagnose the problems of your car effectively. This helps save your time and money. There is no need to take guesses to solve your vehicle’s problems or keep bringing your car back to us because our technicians are focused problem-solvers with a proactive

3. The smooth running of your car depends on proper scheduled maintenance and service regimes which only an ASE certified mechanic can do. Cars/vehicles that are serviced regularly by an ASE certified mechanic, will run efficiently, will get better gas mileage and cost less to repair.

4. Above all, the vital need is for a vehicle to be safe for you and your loved ones. Breakdowns are dangerous and occur at the worst time and the worst place. But when you have entrusted your car to an ASE certified mechanic like those at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx for your auto repair and maintenance work you have peace of mind that your car is safe to be driven on the road.

Manual or Automatic Transmission? Which do you Prefer?

The argument has raged on forever! What’s better—a manual stick shift transmission or an automatic one? Well, the answer lies in what you want out of your vehicle. Here are a few benefits which a manual transmission will bring you:

More Speed: If you drive for the speed and want the most power from your engine, going with a manual transmission is the smart move. The acceleration offered from a vehicle when equipped with a manual transmission is usually superior for a number of reasons; most importantly because of gear ratios and the availability for more precise shifting.

More Fuel Economy: Experts claim that in some cars a manual transmission can improve gas mileage by a significant 2 to 5 mpg, compared with an automatic.

Less Maintenance costs: Manual cars, if properly operated, will go for miles without problems. Most automatic transmissions still need to be serviced far more often than manual transmissions. Manual transmissions are also usually cheaper to fix when something mechanical goes haywire. On average, a manual transmission will cost you less to repair than an automatic in the same type of vehicle.

However, there are quite a few pros in an automatic transmission too:

Smoother start: Releasing the clutch pedal in a manual transmission requires practice to ensure a smooth start and gradual transition between gears once the vehicle is in motion. If the clutch pedal is not properly used the car will "jump-start" and might stall. So an automatic transmission is ideal for a smooth start to your car.

More Convenience: If you are fresh out on the roads, there’s nothing like the convenience and ease of an automatic transmission. Many are unwilling to go through the hassle of learning to use manual transmission when there is an option of driving in one gear.

More Multitasking: If you prefer to have your right hand available at all times to multitask then you will definitely prefer an automatic transmission. Manuals need you to concentrate on keeping your car on track, shifting the gears on time, and road hazards.Be it a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, the ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx remain veterans in providing all automobile repair and service solutions.

How to Use your Car AC in Summer

The Air Conditioning system of your car is one of the things which will give you respite from the sweltering Texan summer. Switching on the car AC as soon as you sit in the car is a reflex action but there are a few tips as to how to use your car air conditioning wisely so that it can function longer and better.

1. Let the Windows Down:
The first step is to let the windows down when you start the car and drive around. This will let the hot air out along with cleansing the musty scent inside the car and let the fresh air in.

2. Start the AC in Low:
It is temptation to start the AC at the Max button and feel that blast of cool air as soon as you are seated in the car but one must always begin the car air conditioning at low mode. Actually, normal AC takes air from outside your vehicle, cooling it off, and pumps it inside. The Max AC works by taking the air inside your vehicle, cooling it off, and pumping it back out.

3. Use Recirculation Mode:
Once your AC is turned on, switch on the Recirculation Mode. By doing so you are making sure that the AC system won’t suck air from the outside and it will keep using the one in the cabin. This exerts less pressure on the cooling system.

4. Turn off the AC First:
When you are going to make your car stop and turn off the engine, make sure you switch off the AC first. Keep the fan going for a while to dry out the evaporator and its surroundings. This will prevent the dampness, sparing you from foul smells.

5. Follow a Proper Maintenance Schedule:
Drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx for your car’s periodic maintenance so that your car’s AC and AC fan is checked regularly and cabin air filter is replaced if need arises when inspected by our ASE certified mechanics. We also spray some anti-bacterial substances into your AC’s ducts and vents as part of our service.

To make sure your AC keeps giving you a cool and unflustered ride all summer make Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx your partner in all automobile repair and service.

Engine Problems in Summer

The searing summer heat is on and this kind of extreme weather can be trying for your car leading to a hot engine. It is very common for your car to bother you with problems restarting if you have just turned off the car engine in summers. The best thing to do is be patient and wait for a few minutes until trying to start it again

When your car engine is too hot, fuel cannot circulate well, due to the way vapour obstructs it workings and therefore the engine just will not start, as it should.

How to Cool down your Car this Summer?:
 Top up the Coolant and Check the fluids: Low coolant is the most common cause for engine overheating. The expert team of ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care combat this issue with using a properly designed coolant. It is the coolant’s job to circulate and remove heat from the engine. Our team also checks the brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, washer fluid and engine oil so that your engine is properly lubricated this summer and there is reduced heat build-up.

Check the Electric Fan and Radiator: Are you having over heating problems while your car is stuck in traffic? Bring it into Mission Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx where we will also check the electric cooling fan which is responsible for drawing cooler air through your radiator.

Sometimes your fan motor will just burn out. There is a switch that tells your cooling fan to come on when your coolant reaches a certain temperature; there might also be something wrong with the switch which can be easily replaced. If you have a vehicle engine which uses a fan belt to drive the engine cooling fan, Mission Car Care can easily and affordably replace your fan belt easily if it's broken. We also flush your radiator every year which is the quickest way to fix your car’s overheating problem.

Check the Thermostat: When you are driving fast your engine needs lots of coolant flowing through. If the thermostat doesn't open, there isn't enough flow to keep things cool and you will have a car that is steaming hot.

Check for a Leak: When the outside temperature escalates, the pressure in your gas tank can also increase, which must be vented to prevent the gas tank from deforming. Your car’s  evaporative system is a network of hoses, valves and canisters that manage evaporative emissions from your vehicle. It might be a loose gas cap or a fuel leak in this system which our team will detect to find out the reason for a heated up car.

Why is an Oil Change so Important for Your Car

If you’ve run your car too long without an oil change then you are sure to find black gooey sludge at the bottom of your engine and burned engine oil on all your engine parts.

What Exactly does Oil do for your Automobile?
• The oil keeps the metal parts from touching and prevents excessive friction due to its anti-friction additives.
• It lubricates the various parts of the car.
• It carries away the heat produced by the moving parts of your car.
• The detergent in engine oil keeps dirt suspended so it can move the dirt to the oil filter.
• Oil contains anti-corrosion additives that prevent metal parts from corroding.
• The anti-foaming agent present in oil prevents bubbles when it's whipped up by moving metal parts.

Why an Oil Change?
Car experts caution that not having an oil change can be the worst thing you can do to your car. This is because as you continue to use your car, the lighter weight oils get burned off, leaving only the heavier oils. Also the important additives mentioned above get worn out. If your oil is less it can cause your engines parts to grind together without lubrication which could lead to the engine parts fusing together, wearing down, jamming and ultimately seizing your engine. That’s the reason your car needs an oil change every 6,000 miles.

The ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care check your engine whenever your drive in for regular, scheduled or preventive maintenance. Well-kept engines are clean inside while neglected ones are coated with brown varnish. Our team knows the type of oil your car requires based on the size, type, working conditions and temperature ranges of your engine.

So drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx now for that all-essential oil change.

What to Expect in a Car Tune-up at Mission Car Care

Generally the phrase "Tune-up" means "general adjustment to insure operation at peak efficiency" and that’s exactly your car will do when you drive it to Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx. Think of a tune up as a yearly physical for your vehicle!

The term tune-up was coined when early car's magneto ignition systems were very simple with one ignition coil for each spark plug. Each coil required adjustment to provide the same spark intensity for better idle and acceleration. As these coils worked, they made a buzzing sound. When adjusted properly, they all buzzed in tune. This is how the phrase "tune-up" resulted!

Service stations interpret ‘tune-ups’ differently. Some automobile service and repair stations will simply throw in a set of spark plugs and call it a tune-up but at Mission Car Care a tune-up is much more than a mere maintenance operation.

At Mission Car Care we:
• Replace spark plugs
• Check the cap and rotor button and coil
• Check the condition of the fuel filter
• Check the condition of the PCV
• Check the condition of the air filter
• Check the belts and fluids
• Recommend a fuel system treatment
• Recommend a throttle body cleaning
• Test to verify the electronic engine management system.

Now tune-ups which were needed every 12,000-20,000 miles are required at 30,000, or 60,000 and even 100,000 miles. This is thanks to the electronics and newer technologies which come in today’s cars. Mission Car Care believes in notifying you in advance if our mechanic encounters a repair or replacement during the tune-up which may be expensive.

The ASE certified team of mechanics and technicians at Mission Car Care remain abreast of  the latest automobile technologies and their needs. This is the reason why we remain veterans at providing tune-ups to all vehicles-- no matter what the make of your car, be it your favorite vintage automobile or the state-of-the-art, latest set of wheels.

3 Common Transmission Problems Solved at Mission Car Care

Mission Car Care always advises its customers to drive into Clay Road, Katy for good preventive maintenance procedures for the smooth running of your car’s transmission. This is because it is your car’s transmission--a complex mechanical system—which is responsible for controlling the application of power from the engine to the drive shaft.

However, if you have neglected to follow scheduled maintenance then our ASE certified team of technicians also makes its clients aware of common transmission problems to look out for. Problems in mechanical systems manifest themselves with distinct sounds which one should be alert for as the heat and friction produced by the transmission’s moving and interacting components cause constant wear and tear.

1. Less Fluids or Leaks
Beware of gear slippage or slow shifting. This may indicate a leak in the transmission which can cause low levels of transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is what lubricates, cleans and conditions the seals and acts as hydraulic fluid. Low levels of this will make the engine seize up and stop working completely.

The cause may also be faulty seals in the transmission or driveshaft and in such a case our mechanics will replace transmission gasket seals.
If cross contamination of transmission fluid from coolant in the radiator has occurred, our team will change the transmission fluid or flush and refill the transmission.

If your vehicle’s transmission is slipping and there are no leaks, the solenoid which controls the flow of fluid throughout the transmission may be causing the problem. Any burning smell coming from your car may mean overheating transmission fluid which is cause for concern.

2. Torque Converter Problems
Torque converters and transmission can be the source of several types of problems that can result in transmission damage or failure. Mission Car Care may need to replace the torque converter if your car shudders when driven on a smooth road, experiences a loss of power at freeway speeds and shows acceleration problems at low speeds. If you hear strange noises coming from the transmission while in driving gears it may indicate worn or damaged needle bearings.

3. Clutch Problems
In case of experiencing violent shaking underneath the vehicle, consequently very high heat levels in the transmission and a very sharp drop in the power output of your engine, our team will check for clutch problems. Clutch failure occurs when the different elements of the clutch become permanently fixed or locked together due to severe loading or distortion of the different components of the clutch. The clutch can also break if there is a shock to the clutch.

Our team makes sure that may it be a rear-wheel drive or front wheel drive, if the clutch calls for replacement it is done at MCC in perfect alignment with the pilot tool, in order to allow the transmission input shaft to go into place when the replacement is finished.

Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ or when ‘you have the cash’ for transmission maintenance because at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx there is always an affordable solution to your transmission problems.

Car AC Service to Kick Off Summer

The summer heat has begun to take its toll and taking a ride in your automobile with your windows down is no longer an option. Make sure you don’t switch on your car air conditioning this summer just to find out it gives you no cool air.

Air Conditioning is good for your Car:
Believe it or not, the ASE certified team of expert mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx reveal that it’s not a good idea to let the AC system in your car stay unused for long periods. This is because the AC system has a gas (refrigerant) inside that helps circulate the oil, when the system in on, and helps lubricate internal components. If left unused for lengthy time spans, the seals dry up and you can get leaks in the system.

What to expect during AC service:
At Mission Car Care we recommend you be prepared for the Texan summers by availing our AC service twice a year—once before the hot summer months and again in the fall.

AC service at Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx incorporates a visual system check and listening for any unusual noises. This is followed by a pressure check with gauges, a leak check (using a dye), a mode control check, a drive belt tension and tensioner check, a cabin filter check and a certified service information label.

Whether your automobile has a manual AC system which operates at the push of a button or an automatically activated AC system—our technicians know the type of AC system that’s in your vehicle and will treat it to the best service.  So enjoy a cool ride in your car this summer with your car AC performing at its peak with service at MissionCar Care

Professional Computer Engine Diagnostics in Katy, Texas

Today the average modern car has over $6,000 worth of electronics. Automobile computers are responsible for the function of air conditioning, radios, air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, ride control, cruise control, analog and digital gauges, fuel injectors, spark plugs, steering system, automatic transmissions, emission and engine controls.

It is this onboard computer system which will sense if something is wrong with any one of your car systems. When the ‘check engine’ light blinks, it is time to drive into a professional automobile service and repair center infrastructure like that at Mission Car Care in the Katy, Tx area, who know how to repair computer and performance issues.

The ‘check engine’ light being illuminated is an indicator that regularly scheduled engine maintenance like an oil change, might be due. It may point to sensors or the brake system requiring reset or adjustment or that there are engine, electrical, or vehicle computer performance issues in your car.

Equipped with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment and a computerized information system wielded by an experienced team, Mission Car Care in Katy, Tx on Clay Road will promptly identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs service.

The ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy start by transmitting information from your vehicle's computer into a diagnostic tool. Our technicians expertly use their experience with the performance data to appropriately diagnose why your vehicle’s check-engine light is on. They then suggest a recommendation to repair you vehicle. Feel free to ask out technicians about symptoms and possible causes of the ‘check engine’ light coming on.

From quick-fix automotive diagnoses to complex ones, Mission Car Care is your partner is making affordable computer diagnostics.

Maintaining a Smooth Suspension

Your car is not just driven on smoothly paved highways and roads; it calls to be driven on any terrain. The car wheel experiences a vertical acceleration as it passes over a bump or pothole because even the most paved roads can be irregular. The suspension system of a vehicle absorbs the energy of the vertically accelerated wheel, making sure that the frame and body of the car remains undisturbed.

It is the smooth suspension system of your automobile which is responsible for keeping the car's wheels in firm contact with the road and providing a comfortable ride for the passengers no matter what the condition of the road. The springs in a car support the body of the car evenly by compressing and rebounding with every jerky movement while the bumps are smoothened out by the shock absorbers.

However, if you feel your car is bouncing around more than usual over bumps and is leaning more in corners, this may be a warning sign which should be paid heed to. It calls for you to drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy for an inspection of the shocks which could be worn. Our ASE certified team of mechanics will look behind the wheel for leaking oil which is a sure indicator of a worn shock or strut. A wearing out of the ball joints can also cause you to lose control while driving down the road which can be fatal.

As part of the preventive maintenance Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx will check your carshocks for leakage as well as inspect your ball joints. At each oil change our mechanics will lubricate the ball joints and other suspension components.

Mission Car Care remains your trusted automobile service and repair center. Call now for an appointment for all your car concerns.

Knowing How to Change a Flat Tire

Being caught with a flat tire is the most annoying thing which can happen to you. May it be seeing a flat when you get out of the house ready to rush to work or for an errand or even worse, getting a flat tire on the road—it’s simply wretched!

If you happen to have flat tire near an auto service station or fuel pump you can get your hands on a mechanic to give you a deft tire change. However, if lady luck is not on your side and you find yourself with a flat tire on a highway or far from a mechanic, then whether you like it or not, you’ll have to change the tire yourself. Keep a spare tire, jack and ideally, a tire inflator in your vehicle’s trunk.

Here’s a step by step guide to make sure that you change your flat tire it in the safe and right way:

Step 1: Where to park your car for a tire change:
Make sure you move your car to a solid, level surface to make sure it doesn’t roll away. Try parking farthest from traffic and turn on your hazard lights. Apply the parking brake and put car into "Park" position.  Find a heavy object like a rock, brick or spare wheel to prop in front of the front and back tires.

Step 2: Using the jack:
Put the jack under the frame near the tire which needs to be changed. You must make sure that the jack is in contact with the metal portion of your car's frame. In most modern cars, there is a small notch or mark just behind the front wheel wells, or in front of the rear wheel wells where the jack has to be positioned. For larger vehicles like trucks put the jack on one of the beams of the frame just behind the front tire or in front of the rear tire.

Raise the jack until it is supporting the car making sure it is firmly in place against the underside of the vehicle and is perpendicular to the ground.

Step 3: Removing the Flat Wheel:
Remove the hub cap and loosen the nuts using a wrench which came with your car, or a cross wrench, by turning counterclockwise. You can use your body weight or stomp on the wrench to loosen the tight lug nuts. Make sure that you're turning the nuts instead of the wheel.

Crank the jack to lift the tire high enough to remove the flat tire and replace it with a spare. All this while make sure the car is stable. Be quick to lower the jack and reposition it if you notice any instability.  

Remove the nuts the rest of the way and then remove the tire. Place the flat tire under the vehicle to prevent the car from crashing down if the jack fails to support it.

Step 4: Fixing on the Spare Tire:
Place the spare tire on the hub making sure that the rim of the spare tire is aligned with the wheel bolts. Screw on the lug nuts and tighten them securely with a wrench. Tighten the nuts in a star pattern, one nut across from the other. Lower the car without applying full weight on the tire and then re-tighten the nuts. After lowering the car completely to the ground remove the jack and finish the job of tightening the nuts and replacing the hubcap.

Bring your flat tire into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx on Clay Road to get the puncture repaired, for tire disposal or getting another spare for your car.

The Mission Car Care team always gives your tires a thorough once-over whenever you drive in for routine or preventive maintenance, to make sure you never have less tire pressure. 

A Gear Box in Mint Condition

The importance of a gearbox:
A gearbox is instrumental to a car as it is responsible for transmitting power from the prime cog, to other cogs of different sizes depending on the amount of power or torque needed. It is the gearbox which allows to increase the engine torque, to enable a free-wheel or neutral position and the ability to reverse. It does this along with acting as a gear oil container and a protective shield to the gears and lubricants from dust and other debris.
The cars which drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx include manual gearboxes or stick shifts as well as automatic transmissions, semi-automatic transmissions as well as continuously variable transmission cars.
When do you know there’s something wrong with your gearbox?:
If you are hearing some noisy sounds and your car is starting to slip gears, it is time to change the gearbox. Our mechanics will top up the transmission fluid on a regular basis whenever you drive in for preventive maintenance—this is important if your car is an older model and has put in a lot of miles on the clock.
Replace, rebuild or recondition?:
If you can afford a new gear box, the ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx will replace it for you. But for those who can’t afford the expense, our technicians will recondition your gearbox or replace it with a reconditioned one which will be easier on your pockets and make a huge difference to the way your automobile will operate. Many auto-repair dealers might replace your gearbox with a used one, but the reliable team of Mission Car Care will never think of breaching your valuable trust.
Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx reminds its clients that gearbox issues must be dealt with promptly as neglected gearbox conditions can result in a fatal loss of control over the transmission when travelling at speed. May it be Full Rebuild, Partial Rebuild, Gear Change, Seal Change or Case Rebuild-- drive into Clay Road, Katy, Tx into Mission Car Care automobile service and repair center for all your gearbox solutions.

Windshield Repair for your Safety at Mission Car Care

The windshield of your car is more than a barrier from climatic elements and bugs. Apart from providing better visibility it serves as a projectile shield to prevent the occupants from being thrown from the vehicle in case of impact and position the passenger-side airbag for the most effective protection. This is the reason why the proper bonding of the automobile’s windshield done by professional auto service providers like Mission Car Care is imperative for your safety.

The ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx believe that a simple chip or crack in the windshield could risk the lives of your car’s passengers.

Depending on the size, type, depth, and location of the damage to your windshield, Mission Car Care repairs damaged windshields and other automotive glass. Circular Bulls eyes, linear cracks, crack chips, dings, pits, and star-shaped breaks can be repaired by us without removing the glass. This is done by working on the damaged area of the windshield with a specified vacuum injection pump. Clear adhesive resin is injected to replace the air in the windshield crack and the resin is then cured with an ultraviolet light.

In case of severe damage like on inside of the windshield, deep damage on both layers of glass, damage over rain sensor or internal radio antenna, damages that reach into the driver’s critical viewing area, complex multiple, contaminated or long cracks, the windshield will have to be replaced. The technicians at Mission Car Care can replace your windshield within the hour with laminated safety glass with an automotive grade urethane designed specifically for automobiles.

MissionCar Care remains your reputed and efficient automotive service and repair center . Contact us from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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