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Why your Car needs a Good Car Battery?

A weak battery will not give your car’s starter the amps for the engine to start nor will it be able to provide car’s electronic components need to operate effectively. A battery not only cranks the engine but also provides power for lights and accessories when the car is not running, and goes onto stabilize voltage within the vehicles electrical system. Moreover, it moves in to provide power when the demands of the vehicle's electrical system temporarily exceed the output of the alternator.
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The expert team of ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx make sure that they take a look at your car battery whenever you drive into our service station on Clay Road, Tx for preventive maintenance or scheduled maintenance checks.

We check the car battery to ensure that corrosion doesn't set it in on your battery terminals. Once corrosion sets in, your car will randomly fail to start due to electrical contact being lost between battery and cable. A dirty battery surface can lead to a discharge and corrosion so we make sure there is no split oil or grease onto the top of the battery. We treat your battery to a full charge as that ensures its maximum life. We also tell our valued customers to keep their eyes open for warning signs that your car battery’s about to fail.

At the end of the day, batteries are heavy and have Sulfuric acid and hydrogen gas so it is wise to let the professionals at Mission Car Care handle all your battery concerns.
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