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Benefits to Washing your Car Regularly

You must have seen car lovers washing their car as the dawn breaks or after sundown. If you think they are crazy, think again! This relatively cooler time is best suited to washing your car. Washing your car in the blazing sun can cause some surfaces to dry faster than you may want them to, leaving residue and unwanted streaks.

Contaminants Around Us:
Keeping your car clean by spraying it with water and scrubbing the glass, trim, paint and wheels wipes away the emissions in the environment which stick to the car and are transformed into nitric or sulfuric acid clean. These can gnaw away at your paint and even metal.

When our cars stand in parking lots or driveways they are subjected to other elements in our surroundings like bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and even leaves. In the heat of the sun these substances decompose and can stain the car’s exterior. Sea or road salt exacerbates the problem by causing a chemical reaction that can quicken pitting and rusting. These substances need to be regularly washed away to avoid such circumstances.

How to Wash your Car Quickly and Effectively?
Car experts say that aesthetics is one of the top considerations when a person buys a car even if it may be a per-owned one. Taking care of your car like hosing it down with water and cleaning it with a wash mitt or sponge helps maintain the vehicle properly and maintains its resale value. Towels made of 100% cotton are recommended to dry it properly as they are effective water absorbers.

Begin drying at the top and work your way to the hood and trunk, and dry the sides last. Try using a new, dry towel for each area for maximum drying results. All said and done, there comes an unmistakable pride with driving a squeaky clean, newly washed car. Bring your car into Mission Car Care for complete automobile maintenance check on Clay Road in Katy, Tx for the best in automobile service
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