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Maintaining a Smooth Suspension

Your car is not just driven on smoothly paved highways and roads; it calls to be driven on any terrain. The car wheel experiences a vertical acceleration as it passes over a bump or pothole because even the most paved roads can be irregular. The suspension system of a vehicle absorbs the energy of the vertically accelerated wheel, making sure that the frame and body of the car remains undisturbed.

It is the smooth suspension system of your automobile which is responsible for keeping the car's wheels in firm contact with the road and providing a comfortable ride for the passengers no matter what the condition of the road. The springs in a car support the body of the car evenly by compressing and rebounding with every jerky movement while the bumps are smoothened out by the shock absorbers.

However, if you feel your car is bouncing around more than usual over bumps and is leaning more in corners, this may be a warning sign which should be paid heed to. It calls for you to drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy for an inspection of the shocks which could be worn. Our ASE certified team of mechanics will look behind the wheel for leaking oil which is a sure indicator of a worn shock or strut. A wearing out of the ball joints can also cause you to lose control while driving down the road which can be fatal.

As part of the preventive maintenance Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx will check your carshocks for leakage as well as inspect your ball joints. At each oil change our mechanics will lubricate the ball joints and other suspension components.

Mission Car Care remains your trusted automobile service and repair center. Call now for an appointment for all your car concerns.

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