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Professional Computer Engine Diagnostics in Katy, Texas

Today the average modern car has over $6,000 worth of electronics. Automobile computers are responsible for the function of air conditioning, radios, air bags, alarm systems, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, ride control, cruise control, analog and digital gauges, fuel injectors, spark plugs, steering system, automatic transmissions, emission and engine controls.

It is this onboard computer system which will sense if something is wrong with any one of your car systems. When the ‘check engine’ light blinks, it is time to drive into a professional automobile service and repair center infrastructure like that at Mission Car Care in the Katy, Tx area, who know how to repair computer and performance issues.

The ‘check engine’ light being illuminated is an indicator that regularly scheduled engine maintenance like an oil change, might be due. It may point to sensors or the brake system requiring reset or adjustment or that there are engine, electrical, or vehicle computer performance issues in your car.

Equipped with state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment and a computerized information system wielded by an experienced team, Mission Car Care in Katy, Tx on Clay Road will promptly identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs service.

The ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy start by transmitting information from your vehicle's computer into a diagnostic tool. Our technicians expertly use their experience with the performance data to appropriately diagnose why your vehicle’s check-engine light is on. They then suggest a recommendation to repair you vehicle. Feel free to ask out technicians about symptoms and possible causes of the ‘check engine’ light coming on.

From quick-fix automotive diagnoses to complex ones, Mission Car Care is your partner is making affordable computer diagnostics.
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