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Car AC Service to Kick Off Summer

The summer heat has begun to take its toll and taking a ride in your automobile with your windows down is no longer an option. Make sure you don’t switch on your car air conditioning this summer just to find out it gives you no cool air.

Air Conditioning is good for your Car:
Believe it or not, the ASE certified team of expert mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx reveal that it’s not a good idea to let the AC system in your car stay unused for long periods. This is because the AC system has a gas (refrigerant) inside that helps circulate the oil, when the system in on, and helps lubricate internal components. If left unused for lengthy time spans, the seals dry up and you can get leaks in the system.

What to expect during AC service:
At Mission Car Care we recommend you be prepared for the Texan summers by availing our AC service twice a year—once before the hot summer months and again in the fall.

AC service at Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx incorporates a visual system check and listening for any unusual noises. This is followed by a pressure check with gauges, a leak check (using a dye), a mode control check, a drive belt tension and tensioner check, a cabin filter check and a certified service information label.

Whether your automobile has a manual AC system which operates at the push of a button or an automatically activated AC system—our technicians know the type of AC system that’s in your vehicle and will treat it to the best service.  So enjoy a cool ride in your car this summer with your car AC performing at its peak with service at MissionCar Care
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