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3 Common Transmission Problems Solved at Mission Car Care

Mission Car Care always advises its customers to drive into Clay Road, Katy for good preventive maintenance procedures for the smooth running of your car’s transmission. This is because it is your car’s transmission--a complex mechanical system—which is responsible for controlling the application of power from the engine to the drive shaft.

However, if you have neglected to follow scheduled maintenance then our ASE certified team of technicians also makes its clients aware of common transmission problems to look out for. Problems in mechanical systems manifest themselves with distinct sounds which one should be alert for as the heat and friction produced by the transmission’s moving and interacting components cause constant wear and tear.

1. Less Fluids or Leaks
Beware of gear slippage or slow shifting. This may indicate a leak in the transmission which can cause low levels of transmission fluid. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is what lubricates, cleans and conditions the seals and acts as hydraulic fluid. Low levels of this will make the engine seize up and stop working completely.

The cause may also be faulty seals in the transmission or driveshaft and in such a case our mechanics will replace transmission gasket seals.
If cross contamination of transmission fluid from coolant in the radiator has occurred, our team will change the transmission fluid or flush and refill the transmission.

If your vehicle’s transmission is slipping and there are no leaks, the solenoid which controls the flow of fluid throughout the transmission may be causing the problem. Any burning smell coming from your car may mean overheating transmission fluid which is cause for concern.

2. Torque Converter Problems
Torque converters and transmission can be the source of several types of problems that can result in transmission damage or failure. Mission Car Care may need to replace the torque converter if your car shudders when driven on a smooth road, experiences a loss of power at freeway speeds and shows acceleration problems at low speeds. If you hear strange noises coming from the transmission while in driving gears it may indicate worn or damaged needle bearings.

3. Clutch Problems
In case of experiencing violent shaking underneath the vehicle, consequently very high heat levels in the transmission and a very sharp drop in the power output of your engine, our team will check for clutch problems. Clutch failure occurs when the different elements of the clutch become permanently fixed or locked together due to severe loading or distortion of the different components of the clutch. The clutch can also break if there is a shock to the clutch.

Our team makes sure that may it be a rear-wheel drive or front wheel drive, if the clutch calls for replacement it is done at MCC in perfect alignment with the pilot tool, in order to allow the transmission input shaft to go into place when the replacement is finished.

Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ or when ‘you have the cash’ for transmission maintenance because at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx there is always an affordable solution to your transmission problems.
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