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Why is an Oil Change so Important for Your Car

If you’ve run your car too long without an oil change then you are sure to find black gooey sludge at the bottom of your engine and burned engine oil on all your engine parts.

What Exactly does Oil do for your Automobile?
• The oil keeps the metal parts from touching and prevents excessive friction due to its anti-friction additives.
• It lubricates the various parts of the car.
• It carries away the heat produced by the moving parts of your car.
• The detergent in engine oil keeps dirt suspended so it can move the dirt to the oil filter.
• Oil contains anti-corrosion additives that prevent metal parts from corroding.
• The anti-foaming agent present in oil prevents bubbles when it's whipped up by moving metal parts.

Why an Oil Change?
Car experts caution that not having an oil change can be the worst thing you can do to your car. This is because as you continue to use your car, the lighter weight oils get burned off, leaving only the heavier oils. Also the important additives mentioned above get worn out. If your oil is less it can cause your engines parts to grind together without lubrication which could lead to the engine parts fusing together, wearing down, jamming and ultimately seizing your engine. That’s the reason your car needs an oil change every 6,000 miles.

The ASE certified team of mechanics at Mission Car Care check your engine whenever your drive in for regular, scheduled or preventive maintenance. Well-kept engines are clean inside while neglected ones are coated with brown varnish. Our team knows the type of oil your car requires based on the size, type, working conditions and temperature ranges of your engine.

So drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx now for that all-essential oil change.
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