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What to Expect in a Car Tune-up at Mission Car Care

Generally the phrase "Tune-up" means "general adjustment to insure operation at peak efficiency" and that’s exactly your car will do when you drive it to Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx. Think of a tune up as a yearly physical for your vehicle!

The term tune-up was coined when early car's magneto ignition systems were very simple with one ignition coil for each spark plug. Each coil required adjustment to provide the same spark intensity for better idle and acceleration. As these coils worked, they made a buzzing sound. When adjusted properly, they all buzzed in tune. This is how the phrase "tune-up" resulted!

Service stations interpret ‘tune-ups’ differently. Some automobile service and repair stations will simply throw in a set of spark plugs and call it a tune-up but at Mission Car Care a tune-up is much more than a mere maintenance operation.

At Mission Car Care we:
• Replace spark plugs
• Check the cap and rotor button and coil
• Check the condition of the fuel filter
• Check the condition of the PCV
• Check the condition of the air filter
• Check the belts and fluids
• Recommend a fuel system treatment
• Recommend a throttle body cleaning
• Test to verify the electronic engine management system.

Now tune-ups which were needed every 12,000-20,000 miles are required at 30,000, or 60,000 and even 100,000 miles. This is thanks to the electronics and newer technologies which come in today’s cars. Mission Car Care believes in notifying you in advance if our mechanic encounters a repair or replacement during the tune-up which may be expensive.

The ASE certified team of mechanics and technicians at Mission Car Care remain abreast of  the latest automobile technologies and their needs. This is the reason why we remain veterans at providing tune-ups to all vehicles-- no matter what the make of your car, be it your favorite vintage automobile or the state-of-the-art, latest set of wheels.
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