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What kind of Spark Plugs Does Your Car Need?

Small yet significant, spark plugs are the insulated plugs that are screwed into an internal combustion engine's cylinder head to deliver the spark that ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. They also transfer heat away from the combustion chamber.

How Spark Plugs Work:

The spark plugs are found at the top of the cylinder head. The piston first travels down the cylinder, draws up the mixture of fuel and air and runs back up toward the spark plug, compressing the mixture. Right at the top, the spark plug sparks and ignites the mixture. The piston is forced back down to create power for the vehicle, then pushed back up again to clear out the exhaust. This procedure is repeated again and again.

Standard versus Premium Spark Plugs:

Standard spark plugs in modern engines have a copper center electrode core surrounded by a nickel alloy, which you can see at the tip of the plug. Premium spark plugs are fashioned from precious metals, like platinum or iridium, in place of the nickel alloy. These are expensive and have higher melting points.

Hot versus Cold Plugs:

With regards to temperatures, spark plugs come in two basic varieties. Cold plugs are recommended for high-horsepower high-compression engines while hot plugs have more insulation and used in most standard engines.

Spark plugs usually need to be changed every 30,000 miles and if you don’t drive into Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx to do so your car will end up with dirty, carbon-fouled, misfiring spark plugs. Old and damaged spark plugs are sure to lower a car's fuel economy so you must let our ASE certified team replace them with shiny, new plugs to improve fuel economy.
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