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Servicing the Serpentine Belt

It might just look like an innocuous, long winding belt but it is responsible for transporting power to the vital automotive components of your car.It is the serpentine belt, which drives the accessories including power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor and water pump in your car.

Without a properly functioning serpentine belt, your car can end up with a dead battery, and may even over heat. And knowing the Texan heat, the AC is something we surely can’t do without!

When you drive your car into Clay Road at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx, for an oil change, our team will carry out a preventive maintenance check where the serpentine belt will also be inspected thoroughly.

The serpentine belt needs to be changed not only when it breaks completely but when you can see it cracking along the pulley or making a noise. Tears on the belt may mean that it is rubbing a pulley flange or bolt as it moves and may just require a professional mechanic to file a pulley flange or bend something out of the way.Small cracks at intervals do not necessarily mean that you should have your serpentine belt changed immediately but if cracks are observed 3 mm apart all along the belt then our team will replace the belt.

Even if there are other issues with the car, like a leaking water pump or oil leaking onto the belt and contaminating it, the ASE certified team at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx will recommend whether the belt can survive longer or will need replacing.

We like to keep our customers informed that even though the serpentine belt does not require periodic adjustment but it, too, cannot last forever. This is the reason why Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx keeps a look out for every small detail so that you will never be stranded in your car.

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