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How to Use your Car AC in Summer

The Air Conditioning system of your car is one of the things which will give you respite from the sweltering Texan summer. Switching on the car AC as soon as you sit in the car is a reflex action but there are a few tips as to how to use your car air conditioning wisely so that it can function longer and better.

1. Let the Windows Down:
The first step is to let the windows down when you start the car and drive around. This will let the hot air out along with cleansing the musty scent inside the car and let the fresh air in.

2. Start the AC in Low:
It is temptation to start the AC at the Max button and feel that blast of cool air as soon as you are seated in the car but one must always begin the car air conditioning at low mode. Actually, normal AC takes air from outside your vehicle, cooling it off, and pumps it inside. The Max AC works by taking the air inside your vehicle, cooling it off, and pumping it back out.

3. Use Recirculation Mode:
Once your AC is turned on, switch on the Recirculation Mode. By doing so you are making sure that the AC system won’t suck air from the outside and it will keep using the one in the cabin. This exerts less pressure on the cooling system.

4. Turn off the AC First:
When you are going to make your car stop and turn off the engine, make sure you switch off the AC first. Keep the fan going for a while to dry out the evaporator and its surroundings. This will prevent the dampness, sparing you from foul smells.

5. Follow a Proper Maintenance Schedule:
Drive into Mission Car Care on Clay Road, Katy, Tx for your car’s periodic maintenance so that your car’s AC and AC fan is checked regularly and cabin air filter is replaced if need arises when inspected by our ASE certified mechanics. We also spray some anti-bacterial substances into your AC’s ducts and vents as part of our service.

To make sure your AC keeps giving you a cool and unflustered ride all summer make Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx your partner in all automobile repair and service.
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