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Windshield Repair for your Safety at Mission Car Care

The windshield of your car is more than a barrier from climatic elements and bugs. Apart from providing better visibility it serves as a projectile shield to prevent the occupants from being thrown from the vehicle in case of impact and position the passenger-side airbag for the most effective protection. This is the reason why the proper bonding of the automobile’s windshield done by professional auto service providers like Mission Car Care is imperative for your safety.

The ASE certified mechanics at Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx believe that a simple chip or crack in the windshield could risk the lives of your car’s passengers.

Depending on the size, type, depth, and location of the damage to your windshield, Mission Car Care repairs damaged windshields and other automotive glass. Circular Bulls eyes, linear cracks, crack chips, dings, pits, and star-shaped breaks can be repaired by us without removing the glass. This is done by working on the damaged area of the windshield with a specified vacuum injection pump. Clear adhesive resin is injected to replace the air in the windshield crack and the resin is then cured with an ultraviolet light.

In case of severe damage like on inside of the windshield, deep damage on both layers of glass, damage over rain sensor or internal radio antenna, damages that reach into the driver’s critical viewing area, complex multiple, contaminated or long cracks, the windshield will have to be replaced. The technicians at Mission Car Care can replace your windshield within the hour with laminated safety glass with an automotive grade urethane designed specifically for automobiles.

MissionCar Care remains your reputed and efficient automotive service and repair center . Contact us from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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