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Mission Car Care-Home to Reliable Auto Mechanics

An auto mechanic is to a car what a doctor is to a human and a vet is to an animal. Like a doctor, an auto mechanic needs to be professionally trained, trustworthy and have sound reasoning abilities. He needs to be accessible because a car can give trouble unexpectedly and he needs to posses a deep knowledge of automobiles.

At Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas our team of ASE certified technicians are trained to diagnose the problem with your care accurately and speedily. Our dedication to hire only certified technicians reflects our mission to give our customers only the best mechanics who are abreast of the latest technologies and techniques in the automotive industry.

Hen you bring your car to Mission Car Care, our technicians will listen to you carefully to get details of the nature of your car problems. This will be followed by a testing to see if components and systems are proper and secure, methodically ruling out those components that are not the cause of the problem. It is only after through inspection of the vehicle that the mechanics at Mission Car Care will quote prices for customers and begin repair, maintenance or replacement after the client’s approval.

The technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, follow a checklist to ensure that all important parts have been thoroughly examined. Apart from carrying out vehicle maintenance and service as well as preventive maintenance, our mechanics are well versed with the rapidly progressing mechanical and electronic technology of modern cars which boast of complex computer and electronic systems.

The hands-on, physically strenuous work performed by our mechanics with traditional hand-held tools is our forte. This is complimented with the ability of our service technicians to operate sophisticated diagnostic computers at Mission Car Care which make diagnosing or repairing a vehicle easier and faster.

The team of technicians at Mission Car Care do not just posses diagnostic, problem solving skills and technical aptitude, but to top it off, they are trained to build excellent customer service skills and communicate effectively with clients.
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