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Premium Brake Servicing with Mission Car Care

What is the safety of a car without brakes? Keep your ears open and eyes alert to any problems in your car brakes which can be easily addressed by servicing at Mission Car Care in Katy, Texas.

If the brake light appears on your car's dashboard or you feel that your car is taking longer to stop, you should visit the experienced technicians at Mission Car Care, Katy for brake check and servicing.

Keep your ears perked for sounds from your brakes like a squealing sound from the sensor or a grinding noise which might indicate that when you hit the brakes, the metal of the calipers is grinding against the metal of your rotors which is terrible for the health of the rotors. When you feel that your car is exerting a pull by itself then it might indicate a stuck caliper causing friction on one wheel.

Checking brake pads is also carried out as part of the brake service package at Mission Car Care, Katy because if they become thin they'll become less effective at slowing and stopping your car. The brake pads are located between the caliper and rotor and their thickness should be one-quarter of an inch.

May it be a collapsed brake hose that would cause your calipers to move unevenly when applying the brakes, uneven brake pads, rapid brake-pedal pulsing indicating warped rotors or mushy pedals--the mechanics at Mission Car Care can deal adroitly with any brake related issues. Brake fluid change is carried out at Mission Car Care as an inexpensive and speedy service as dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid by moisture can be the cause of several car problems.

Entrusting your car to Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas is the easiest way to prevent brake failure which we do so by regular maintenance of your vehicle and being attentive to any changes in performance.

Just log onto and view our complete range of quality automotive service and repair and become acquainted with our team of skilled technicians.
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