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Preparing your Car for Sale with Mission Car Care

If you wish to sell your car the first thing to do is make it utterly presentable like sprucing up to make an impression on a first date. Drive it into Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas and let the professional team of ASE certified mechanics do this job for you and ensure that your automobile gets the best price.

Its smarter to get all the repair done even if you are handing it over to a dealer to sell as a dealership will have to do a lot more work to a car before reselling it and the dealer will deduct the cost of any repairs that will have to be made from the amount they will pay for your car.

The first and foremost thing we will do as part of our service maintenance at Mission Car Care is fix the obvious damage like replacing broken lights, cracked windshields or fixing dents on the body. Small dents can be fixed with our special tools to massage the dented metal back to its original position without painting the vehicle. This saves time and cost.

This will be accompanied by conducting a scan for engine codes, brakes, inspection of belts, hoses, fluids and suspension. Finally, Mission Car Care will check safety items like lights, horn and the front end and the tires for tread life.

It is imperative that your shiny, clean car makes a good impression and its appearance doesn’t devalue your car in the eyes of potential new owners. Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas will give it a thorough cleaning inside-out, including giving the upholstery a meticulous vacuum job and the exterior the slickest wax job and a trim to the dressing.

Mission Car Care will remind you to have all records complete and neatly arranged for your prospective buyer to convey to him that the car has been well cared for. The car should have the owner's manual and the registration. Mission Car Care will furnish you the service records we maintain diligently if you have been bringing your car to us regularly.

Our automobile experts also advise you to be honest with prospective buyers about the condition and history of your car. Once your car is sold the bill of sale should mention that the car is sold ‘as is’ to help record the date of sale and prevent any liability.

Mission Car Care experts also suggest that payment for your car sale be made by cashier's check or money order for a smooth transaction.

A wise buyer always wants to get a car checked by a reputed mechanic. When you have already had the car inspected by a reputed and quality automotive service and repair center like Mission Car Care, Katy, Texas, and disclose the findings, this will help you win the trust of the buyer, making the sale comfortable and amiable.

Also, if a buyer insists on taking the car to another mechanic and gives you a list of recommended repairs, the service and inspection carried out by Mission Car Care will help you negotiate.

Prep your car for the best sale with Mission Car Care and drive away with a car that looks good, drives great and smells splendid!
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