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Washing away the Salt of the Road

If you’ve had a road trip to a snowy place then your car’s body has been exposed to melted snow and ice. Road salt is spread on snowed up roads to create a lower freezing temperature on road surfaces, leading to less ice on highways and roadways. Sand is also added helping to keep the salt in place and lending a bit of traction to wet and slushy roads. This is a life-saving measure preventing accidents during snowstorms.
If your car has been on such a road, the salt in the mush of snow and ice, mixes further with the melting water and splashes onto the underbody of your vehicle, depositing itself. This deposited salt causes rust that will eat away at the metal of your car and cause rusting on the frame.
It is seen that if the salt is not washed away it can even lead to brakes failing as the salt embeds itself between a clamp that holds up the line and mixes with dirt to rub right through the hose.

The ASE certified team of expert mechanics at MissionCar Care suggests that your car should be sprayed down with water thoroughly once its been out of snowy territory. Pay special attention to the underside, around the wheel wells and bumpers. Have your car re-waxed and sealed at Mission Car Care, Katy after you have it washed.

If you live near the beach then too your vehicles are exposed to salt air. This may not be as severe as the salt spread on roads but even then, the salt spray from the ocean can damage the hood, top, and rear deck of the car.

 Bring your car into Mission Car Care, Franz Road for any quick and efficient touching up of chipped paint because the tiniest bit of exposed metal, if ignored, can develop into a rusty hole. This is an ideal a stitch-in-time-save-nine scenario.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx remains your trusted quality automotive service and repair centre for all your auto care needs.

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