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Spring cleaning your car this Spring at Mission Car Care

Sitting in a car whose interior smells fresh and hygienic and looks scrubbed is pure pleasure. However, getting caught up in the frenzied routine of life, we end up putting off spring cleaning of the car. Washing and waxing the car’s exterior is something we pay attention to, yet the interior is not to be ignored.

Mission Car Care, Katy, Tx reminds that spring cleaning your car is not just so that it has a clean interior but it is important in order to get the most out of your vehicle in terms of performance, economy, emissions, and longevity. Cleaning your vehicle inside and out will help maintain your car’s value, and make the ride more pleasant for your passengers. It also prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt, reduces the potential for rust from road salt and helps ensure proper visibility needed for safe driving.
Mission Car Care’s team suggests that if you have marked this Sunday in your calendar for spring cleaning, follow these simple steps to make sure your get this vital chore done. Make sure you tackle cleaning in the shade. Begin with de-cluttering the inside of the car including the dashboard and trunk. The unnecessary items that keep accumulating in your car add extra weight and reduce fuel efficiency.
Move onto cleaning and vacuuming the interior—this includes taking out the floor mats and moving the seats forward and back to reach under the seats. You might just find ticket stubs, a hoard of coins or those lost keys. Use a can of compressed air to attack the dust from the small crevices around the center console, shifter and vents.

Following this up with hosing down your car, washing the windows and waxing, finishes the job.

Mission Car Care’s expert team of ASE certified mechanics recommend that you clean and maintain your vehicle at least once a year for peak performance. If its too much of a chore for you, just drive your car into Mission Car Care, Katy and our technicians will have your car’s interior spruced up in not time and at affordable rates, well worth your time and money. We use cleaners specific to the type of surface in your car —upholstery, leather, plastic. Combine this professional spring cleaning with minor routine maintenance and you can now take pride in giving someone a ride in your car. Mission Car Care remains your trusted source of information for the better care of your vehicle, continuing to provide quality auto care, maintenance and repair.

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